Fabulous February

In anticipation of Valentine's Day, I created a few things for the shop in case people were looking for gifts. My favorite started as custom work for a super client. She was looking for Valentine's gifts for teachers and decided on some of my square magnetic bookmarks, along the lines of this one, except with the teachers' names on them:

Then she decided that my mini square magnetic bookmarks would be great "cards" for the Valentine's exchange at school and ordered a set for the class. They are a great size for children's novels (or adult paperbacks) and they look adorable with the monogram on the front. I decided to list them in the shop in case anyone else was looking for Valentine's cards, available in red and pink.

I love the idea of these as a classroom gift because they encourage reading and they are useful! They (hopefully!) won't just be thrown in the trash when they get home, as is the fate of so many school Valentine cards.

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