Links on Friday: Crafty Business Edition

It's Friday! As you know, the holidays are now fast approaching.  You can't go into a store without seeing ornaments, wrapping paper, and glittered evergreens everywhere.  Blogs are gearing up their gift guides, recipes, and DIY finery.  (I'm not trying to be cynical- I love the season.)  When I started through my bookmarks today to find some things to post, I noticed I had saved up a lot of crafy-biz things, especially prepping for the holidays, so I figured now might be an apropos time to post this tips and websites, plus a handful of silliness as well.  Have a great weekend!

Productivity Tips for the Self-Employed

Etsy Holiday Boot Camp

Shop Talk: Prepping for the Holidays

Create an online store with Shopify

Create a website with Squarespace

Sell locally through Amazon 

9 Beliefs of Remarkably Successful People


Folksy (for those of you in the UK)

And just for fun:

15 Things to Never Say to a Crafter

16 Unhelpful Life Lessons from Pinterest

8 Celebrities You Never Knew Had Their Own Craft Empire

All the crafty someecards you'll ever need

Change all the images on a webpage to Ryan Gosling

And the original Handmade Ryan Gosling (you know you can look at them all again)


If you have a good crafty resource / source of humor, feel free to leave it in the comments!


  1. ohhh.. Ryan Gosling... I wouldn't mind having your babies. Also, the someecard about yarn is hilarious. I seriously did this a few days ago at Michaels. Just in case....

  2. memoriesforlifescrapbooksNovember 8, 2013 at 2:06 PM

    I can always use crafty biz tips....especially this time of year!
    I love the 15 Things You Should Never Say to a Crafter :)

  3. I relate to so many of those! Friday is always a good day for a laugh. :)

  4. It's always just in case. Just in case I run out, just in case they don't have more...LOL!

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