7 Things I Am Not Allowed To Buy in 2017.

In my perfect world, I would be a minimalist and I would be happy with that lifestyle.  I would not have too much, and everything would have a purpose and a place.  In reality, shopping makes me feel good.  Getting something new is an emotional boost, especially if it's the perfect thing.  The problem is, I've acquired too many perfect things this year and we are once again running out of room to put it all, which is driving me a little nutty.  To that end, here are seven things that I pledge not to buy this year (at least until depletion):

1. Tea.  My cabinet is overflowing with boxes of various types of tea.  The problem is I have my favorites that I drink all the time - and there are several of those, and then there are the teas that I wanted to try and maybe didn't love or don't drink all the time.  I am not allowed to buy another box of tea until my supply is down to like, three types.

2. Coffee.  See above. (and I don't even drink coffee that often!!)

3. Candles.  I love a good candle.  Hand me an evergreen scent, or my new favorite - anything with sandalwood/teak/tobacco in it - and I'm going to buy it like the sucker I am.  No more until the ones I have are used up.

4. Art supplies for the kids.  Maybe it's because we just had Christmas, and maybe it's because I just organized it all for the third time this week, but no more crayons, markers, colored pencils, Perler beads, or stickers.  None!  They can get new paper, though, or else we'll never use this stuff up.

5. Clothes for the kids.  My children are the best outfitted duo on the planet.  They could easily go for at least two weeks and not run out of new things to wear, and that needs to stop because it is unnecessary.  Unless their shoes don't fit or they have a huge growth spurt, no new clothes!

6. Paper goods.  Oh, paper, how I love thee.  List pads, thank you notes, journals, planners.  I am a sucker, again, especially when it's reasonably cheap at Home Goods.  Granted, I do use these things on the daily, but not enough to warrant buying more.

7. Mugs.  At the end of 2016, between craft shows and Christmas, I managed to pick up four or five new mugs, on top of the million I already have.  I use them every single day, but I definitely have my go-to favorites while the others get pushed further back in the cabinet.  Not another one, 2017!

Tell me I'm not alone in these hoarding tendencies.  What is something you tend to accumulate and probably shouldn't buy any more of for awhile?


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