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Small Goals, Big Gains: February

Last month I laid out my plans for working on smaller tasks that will help me work toward overall larger goals for 2019.  Let's take a look back and see how I did with January's tasks, and see what I've got planned for February.

January's goals in review: 

List one thing on Etsy every day.  Success!  I only missed two days with this, but there were a couple of days I listed more than one thing, and my shop is up to 140 items now (from around 30!).  This has led to more sales this January than last (up from a whopping ZERO), with orders going out to five different states, along with over triple the shop views, so I can see the results already.

Post on Instagram every day.  Another success!  Again, I only missed two days, and I've become more engaged with my followers.

Blog posts - I posts ten times in January, which I'm really happy about.  I have to work on better timing for writing and laying out posts, but I'm pleased with getting on here those ten times.

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