Enjoy Your Weekend. (Links on Friday)

I hope you have a lovely few days this weekend!  I get to hang out with some very good mom friends today, including one who moved and I haven't seen in awhile, and then it will be quiet Saturday and Sunday with no plans again - with the cold weather here, it will be most welcome to stay home and hang around in pj's.  Here are some links for you to enjoy:

This piece on alcohol and the passive pressure to drink was super interesting.

An easy New Year's resolution to save democracy.

I've been eyeing this for my sewing room.

Talking about decluttering yesterday, here are some stats about current American consumerism.

These portraits!

Super tiny resolution ideas.

Soup group sounds like the best winter idea.

This book is on my to-read list.  Has anyone read it yet?

Have a happy one!


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