Small Goals, Big Gains: January

I usually have a few bigger over-arching goals for the new year that I want to work toward, and I try to figure out the best steps to reaching them.  But a few big goals can be overwhelming without thinking about the actual work that allows you to reach those goals.  This year the planner that I bought has a goal tracker for each month, that allows you to record goals and check off the days that you do them.  I'm going to use these to help me break down some bigger goals into smaller, more actionable steps.

For 2019, one of my goals is to revive my Etsy shop and overall web presence.  That is a huge undertaking!  If I just made that my goal, I'd sure to be overwhelmed in no time and probably abandon that work altogether.  With the monthly goal tracker, I'm going to focus on a couple of small tasks each month to help me move toward the bigger goal, making those tasks into a habit rather than a one-and-done.  For January, I plan to list one item on Etsy each day, and to post on Instagram once a day.  I chose these two tasks because I already have a ton of items made that I can list for sale, and my phone is full of photos of those items that I had taken along the way and never used.  I'm working with what I have to help make these tasks easier to accomplish.  I am also working on this blog again, which is an outlet that I have always loved and have wanted to get back to.  I am tracking my posts, but not pressuring myself to post every day.

Another 2019 goal is better overall health.  While I am a generally healthy eater, I do enjoy my sugar, and I know there are other steps I can be taking to be more well.  January's goal is to drink water with apple cider vinegar it in every morning, take a spoonful of raw honey each day to help with allergies, add collagen protein to one drink a day, and take a probiotic.  All of this will be done over my breakfast routine and hopefully create a morning habit.

The third thing is overall cleanliness and decluttering.  Our house is generally pretty tidy but we have lots of stuff we don't need and I don't clean things consistently.  I'm planning on making the bed every day, cleaning something every day using Clean Mama's daily cleaning calendar, and working on decluttering things we no longer need/use/like.

I'm hoping that by seeing the progress of these tasks over the month, and the satisfaction of checking tasks off, will help hold me to them and keep them consistent.

What are your January goals?


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