I Heart Instagram.

The husband and I are not big on technology. We don't try to keep up with it, and are pretty firm believers that if it ain't broke, we don't need a new one.

We do have an iPhone. We decided to buy one just before Gus was born, in June 2009, already behind the trend. We wanted to be able to easily take pictures and videos of the new baby to send to the in-laws in Florida.

That phone died a few months ago, so we got a 4GS (whose camera is way better) and then discovered that though the phone itself wasn't working to make calls and to connect to the roaming network, it would indeed connect to our home network. And for that I was thrilled because it meant that I could use Instagram around the house during the day even when the new phone was off to work with the husband.

I love Instagram. I think it is such a neat app. I love that it can capture a quick snippet of your day and that it can be shared with followers. I have posted pictures of food, plants, things around the house, dump finds, library scores, and plenty of in-the-works Milo and Molly stuff (mostly taken at night while I'm working). I use it to advertise and to sell things. It's awesome.

Most of all, I love that it's real and real-time (for the most part). It's almost like a behind-the-scenes look into life. I love looking at friends' pictures because I realize just how different everyone's living situation is, from the place they live to how they decorate their house. You see what they're up to as it's happening. I don't think the photos need to be professionally done, then uploaded to your phone. I don't think you need to maintain a "wall" if you're a business. Everything you read points to the fact that customers want to know who they're buying from, and readers want to know who they're following, and I think that Instagram is a great tool for that.

I hope you'll follow along with me! 

Do you use IG?  How do you like it?

A Bit of Advice.

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Day 8, Wednesday: 
A piece of advice you have for others. Anything at all.

I don't often try and tell people what to do, like, ever (because I'm not an expert), but there is one thing I think is really important in life: always speak kindly toward and about your husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend in public settings at all times.  Don't put them down, don't talk about what a jerk they are.  You chose to be with that person and you should be respectful of them the way you would want them to be respectful of you.  And when you open yourself up like that, you may find yourself on the end of unsolicited advice or commentary that is likely not to be helpful.  This doesn't mean you need to be gushing about your loved one at all times- that can be equally annoying- but if something is wrong or they do something that drives you crazy, think first if other people really need to know about it, or if it just makes your relationship look bad.  If you love someone, keep the ins and outs between you.

What kind of advice would you share?

What Do You Do?

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The Blog Every Day In May Challenge:

Day 6, Monday:
If you couldn't answer with your job, how would you answer the question, 'what do you do'?

I decided I didn't want to try and tackle the entire May challenge over at Story of My Life because I knew I wouldn't be able to keep up with it, and honestly, not all of the suggested topics posted are something I want to share or have an answer for.  But there are a few that I thought would make great posts and this is one of them.  (And clearly, not quite following the days as written since this is Tuesday.)

And honestly, I don't know if I even really have an answer for this one either.  It's kind of like when I was teaching: one of the most common interview questions was, "What are you passionate about about teaching?"  Like everyone becoming a teacher must have a vested interest in special needs kids, individualized instruction, making the classroom hands-on, or whatnot.  I never had an answer for this question.  Teaching was a job and my goal was to teach the kids what I was supposed to within the year.

Now that I'm not working and I stay at home, it's another odd question when someone asks what I do.  When I say I stay home with the kids, I usually get an answer along the lines of, "Oh, that's great!" which almost always comes out a little too happy, like they don't quite understand.  And if I try to talk about my Etsy shop (which I rarely do) it's equally awkward because it's hard to explain to someone that you make stuff.  And that's what I do: I make stuff.  In my shop I make stuff with fabric, at home I make food, I make beds, I make a schedule.  And I like what I do.

What do you do?

Open Tabs.

This is how I feel most days.  On my computer, I actually do have a ton of tabs open all the time.  Some I actively use throughout the day (e-mail, Etsy...) but some I keep open just to remind me to come back to them because otherwise I will forget.  And why will I forget?  Because my brain has a bunch of tabs open all the time.

At any given moment I am probably trying to do more than one thing at once, like cook and actively listen to Gus's questions and stories.  Or write an e-mail while watching the kids play outside.  And that's just the stuff I remember to do at the time.  I often forget that I've put laundry in because I get busy doing something else.  I'll tell Gus that we'll do something and then we never get to it.  My mind is like a steel sieve.

Now yes, I do make to-do lists (lists upon lists upon lists, actually).  I write one out, I post a list on my online calendar, I keep a notebook by my bed.  This helps, but inevitably I will not look at the list to get the big things done while I spend time doing the small things like emptying the dishes out of the sink and make lunch.  And so, very often, I feel scattered.

Ladies, can you relate?  (Men, do you feel this way too???)