Small Goals, Big Gains: February

Last month I laid out my plans for working on smaller tasks that will help me work toward overall larger goals for 2019.  Let's take a look back and see how I did with January's tasks, and see what I've got planned for February.

January's goals in review: 

List one thing on Etsy every day.  Success!  I only missed two days with this, but there were a couple of days I listed more than one thing, and my shop is up to 140 items now (from around 30!).  This has led to more sales this January than last (up from a whopping ZERO), with orders going out to five different states, along with over triple the shop views, so I can see the results already.

Post on Instagram every day.  Another success!  Again, I only missed two days, and I've become more engaged with my followers.

Blog posts - I posts ten times in January, which I'm really happy about.  I have to work on better timing for writing and laying out posts, but I'm pleased with getting on here those ten times.

Water with apple cider vinegar/raw honey/collagen/probiotic - I only forgot to do this twice, both on days I was out of the house way earlier than usual and just totally forgot.  I'm continuing into February so I'm calling it a success.

Make bed, clean something, and declutter.  This definitely depended on the day.  Weekends were harder to get the bed made because we'd be lounging in it longer, or if I was up and out I would forget and not get it done, but I feel like I'm becoming more consistent with it.  The same with cleaning something every day.  I always keep my kitchen tidy - I use it every day a LOT and I can't stand it when it's cluttered up, but I'm trying to incorporate vacuuming, wiping down the bathrooms and dusting more often into the process.  Slow progress, but still progress.  Decluttering is also slow and steady: I have started to list some things that have been hanging around on Facebook Marketplace and made $318 on our unwanted stuff.  I also started a list of things that we have thrown out/donated/taken to the swap shack at the dump and we're up to 16, which includes 2 giant bags of clothes and an enormous bag of markets, crayons, and colored pencils.  Getting rid of unused stuff feels so good.  This will continue into February for sure.

Febraury's goals:

Keeping with the themes from last month, my business goals are to like and comment on five Instagram posts every day to help with engagement, and to pin one of my own products to Pinterest every day.  Pinterest is a tool I don't take enough advantage of so I'm going to see how this goes.  I'm also taking steps to get my website back up and running and I'm setting up some professional resources to help with that.

Health goals are to make sure I put SPF lotion on my face every morning and follow an intensive nightly routine of serums and lotions for my face and neck.  I'm also adding a glass of water with dinner to the list to make sure I get a second glass in because while I drink a lot of tea I don't drink a lot of plain water.

House goals this month are to stay out of Home Goods and Marshall's unless I need a specific gift.  No wandering around smelling candles.

I think these are good actionable things I can manage, and adding them on to January's tasks will just add to my overall progress.


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