Open Tabs.

This is how I feel most days.  On my computer, I actually do have a ton of tabs open all the time.  Some I actively use throughout the day (e-mail, Etsy...) but some I keep open just to remind me to come back to them because otherwise I will forget.  And why will I forget?  Because my brain has a bunch of tabs open all the time.

At any given moment I am probably trying to do more than one thing at once, like cook and actively listen to Gus's questions and stories.  Or write an e-mail while watching the kids play outside.  And that's just the stuff I remember to do at the time.  I often forget that I've put laundry in because I get busy doing something else.  I'll tell Gus that we'll do something and then we never get to it.  My mind is like a steel sieve.

Now yes, I do make to-do lists (lists upon lists upon lists, actually).  I write one out, I post a list on my online calendar, I keep a notebook by my bed.  This helps, but inevitably I will not look at the list to get the big things done while I spend time doing the small things like emptying the dishes out of the sink and make lunch.  And so, very often, I feel scattered.

Ladies, can you relate?  (Men, do you feel this way too???)


  1. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    and girl, if you had any idea of the amount of files I have to go through in my business folder, to get to the client and project I want, UGH. enough to make your brain explode.

  2. Yep! All day everyday. I even have to write down basic stuff like laundry because I'll get distracted and it won't happen. And then I run out of underwear, so I think everybody benefits when I make my lists.

    1. hahahaha...I found the 2nd underwear reference. I only do laundry when I don't have underwear.

  3. Oh, the tabs. Always. All the time, so many. I am horrible about them. And, then they're in my brain too. haha. Luckily, I'm great with my lists and planner. I can't even imagine a day without tabs! haha

  4. I have this weird ability to remember everything when it comes to chores and things to do. I try to make lists hoping it will help keep my mind off of things but it doesn't. My brain makes a mental note of everything and I don't often forget things.

    I don't often forget to do things its more of me putting it off until I have time. I guess you can say my brain always has tabs open. Yea.. thats probably true.

    The upside is I remember everything..the downside is I don't know how to tune out my brain this is probably why I watch a lot of movies because it really distracts my brain for an hour or so. I usually don't think of other things while watching a movie. Turn a movie off and I'm back with the racing mind again.

  5. Haha, yes, that thing in the graphic is so true!

    It happens to me a lot too, I multitask, and then I forget what I was doing, so at the end I leave it unfinished. I have bad memory, but luckily I'm a huge fan of "to-do-lists", I make them for everything!

  6. Yes! This is my life since my son was born... and that was 3+ years ago. Mailing orders, vacuuming, laundry... if I don't make a list, I'll get so distracted by everything else that it doesn't get done. Glad I am not the only one!

  7. The card sentiment is so true! Not only do I frequently keep many tabs open but my mind feels exactly that way most of the time.

  8. Exactly! Sometimes my tabs get overwhelming, but I inevitably forget something. If I keep the tab open, I'll eventually get to it. It's sort of a way of nagging myself to get to something ;)