Summer is Here.

It is the start of summer here in more ways than one: it is the official first day of summer as far as science is concerned, but it is also the first day off from school.  Kindergarten and second grade are done!  I can hardly believe that both of my kids are old enough to be through kindergarten already.  They both had a fantastic year with amazing teachers, so they are both excited to be done and really sad that they won't have those teachers anymore.  We celebrated yesterday with lunch out, which we ate outside on the porch of the restaurant, and we filled out and colored a Summer Bucket List while waiting for our food, listing some of things we each really want to do this summer.

So far we are completely unscheduled - no camps, no lessons, no set vacations.  We are going to play it by ear and see what happens, which hopefully will allow us to take advantage of offers that come up and on the flip side, not make me completely insane.  I want them to enjoy an unstructured summer while they don't particularly care to be involved in anything or feel the need to fill their time.  Right now, their biggest concern is watching movies or shows on the ipad since their screen time is generally monitored pretty closely.

For me, I am looking forward to lazy mornings where both kids hopefully sleep in a little bit, with no demand for lunches to be made or to have to make it out for the bus on time.  Even though we are blessed with a late bus pickup since we are at the end of the run, we still have to make sure we're there!  I am looking forward to sitting out on the back deck while the kids play in the yard, hopefully setting up my computer and getting some long-awaited projects done.  One of my goals is to rework my website for Milo and Molly before the fall season, and I also want to get started on fall inventory, particularly mittens.  There is no better time of year to cover yourself in stray cashmere and wool than mid-July, right?

I also plan on hanging out here more again.  I find myself lost in thought a lot lately, with words to say but not taking any time to actually write them down, or half-drafting a post before giving up.  Hopefully we can reconnect over the summer.  In fact, if you're there reading this, say hi below and let me know what your summer plans are.  I'd love to hear what you're up to.

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