Friday Finds and Link Love.

It's Friday!  As I'm writing this it is 49.8 degrees outside, and I'm wondering if this is the official slide into fall or if we'll have one more heat wave before summer quits on us.  I certainly don't mind the cooler weather (we'll revisit that statement when winter hits) and neither does a certain curly dog who was snuggled so close to me this morning she was almost on top of me.

I've been spending a lot of time working on new things for my shop this week and trying to get things on my very long to-do list made finally.  I feel a little bit like I have crafty ADD, sewing scarves one minute, then a bag, then assembling keychains, all in one night.  Because I've been staying up late some nights, I've been spending part of the next day worn out, stuck in front of the computer, surfing, meaning I've found some things to share with you.

1. Heidi's blogging for herself and not for her readers.  It's an epic struggle a lot of us face.  (Okay, maybe not epic, but you know what I mean.)

2. I love Mike Rowe and I love Dirty Jobs and I love the whole concept behind the show.  And listening to him speak on the value of work and how we are attacking the important jobs is just so interesting.  He tells a funny story first but it really gets into the heart of it around the 10-minute mark.

Link to the original post here.

 3. 19 Jokes Only Grammar Nerds Will Understand.  #2 cracked me up for real.  (Thanks to Ayla for sharing that one!)

4. Good carbs vs. bad carbs.  Many of us are trying to eat healthier and feel better.  This might help.

Good Carbs Vs. Bad Carbs

 5. I want one, I want one, I want one.

6. Ditto.  Too bad (for me) it sold!

We have company coming Saturday night so I'll be cleaning from now until then but I'm going to try to keep adding some new stuff at Milo and Molly and then there may be a little sale.  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!  Do you have anything fun planned?


  1. I love Mike Rowe! Thanks for sharing that! I'll have to watch it while I drink my coffee.

    The breakdown of good and bad carbs is helpful, too. Carbs are my weak spot (especially things like crackers) and I know I need to figure out something else to eat. I've been trying to work more varieties of beans and lentils into my diet, so hopefully that will be a good alternative.

  2. Whelp, it's supposed to be almost 90 degrees in San Francisco today which is super odd. I'm used to 60 degree "summer" weather that includes fog. Lots of fog. Oh well!

    I love the good/bad carbs. Totally learned that last year and it's been helpful. My body tells me when it's happy and not happy, depending on the carbs I eat. Which reminds me it's lunch time for me.

    And that sweater/shirt looks cozy. Love fall is coming up because I enjoy the cozy, cooler weather.

  3. Really love that return address stamp. I think I need one!

    I probably eat too many bad carbs these days, but I'm ok with that. :)


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