A Few Things on Friday.


TGIF!  Christmas is rapidly approaching, and I just realized that I need to get on with wrapping the gifts, along with preparing the house for company.  Since I'm sure you're going in as many different directions as I am, I have just a few quick things to mention:

1. If you're planning on ordering anything from my shop, today is the last day to "guarantee" delivery in time for the holidays using First Class Mail.  After that I strongly suggest upgrading shipping.  I am so thankful for having been kept busy this holiday season (and I recently hit 800 sales!) but I am looking forward to having some time to work on some new projects.  (Read 20 Things to Do When Business Is Slow)

2. If you haven't been by, you can enter to win a $20 credit to Milo and Molly over at Back East Blonde.  You may want to stick around and read some of Nadine's posts, too- her blog is on my must-read list.

3. THIS is the best thing ever. "Layaway Santas" paying off Christmas gifts for people.  Today (December 13) is Walmart's last day for layaway, if anyone's feeling charitable.

4. Before you attend a holiday party, read this.  Save yourself some embarrassment and heartache.  (See, even almost 3 years later it still plagues me.)

Have a great weekend!  Let me know if you have something fun planned!


  1. Paige @ Little NostalgiaDecember 13, 2013 at 8:14 AM

    I feel all over the place right now, too. Thank god class today will just be lab time so I might be able to get my last project completely finished. We'll see.

    And high-five for 800 sales! That's huge! I'm going to go enter that giveaway now...

  2. Glad I'm not the only one. I hope you are able to get some stuff done at your lab today. I foresee needing an extra 3 days or so coming up here soon, though I doubt I'll get it.

  3. hello there.. long time no see on the blogosphere. I read the story about the layaway Santas and thought it was so cute. Also I've set today as a deadline too but I'm sure no one will follow it of course!

  4. Thanks! I'm hoping to get back on the blogging train after the new year. We'll see how it goes LOL! I love that people are helping each other out, and like the one man said, it's people who have planned ahead and have paid something, so you really are doing something kind for people who are really trying.


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