5 Things That Always Make Me Happy

I'm two posts back in and I realize that they have both been existential "what does it mean?" posts, which can make for heavy reading, but it's just the place where my mind has been lately.  I'm not quite done with those because there has been a lot weighing on me but the other day I was sitting and trying to think of things that make me happy.  And not just things that sometimes make me happy, but never fail, consistent joy-bringers.  Here are my current top five:

1. Cooking and eating fresh food.  Turning raw ingredients into something tasty and healthy is so fulfilling.

2. Walking on Sunshine.  Listen to it and try not to dance.  I dare you.

3. Looking at my kids' baby pictures.  They make me smile with the silly, remarkable, aggravating, adorable things they did, and I love remembering that moment that it happened and marvel at where we are now.

4. Fresh sheets.  Seriously, is there anything better?  They're crisp and cool and smell really good, even if you don't use scented detergent.

5. 75 degrees and sunny.  Because there is nothing quite like being outside and being warm but not too hot, with the sun on your face, and you want to just sit and be.

What would make your list of things that always make you happy?


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