Darned Socks

So maybe this is a silly question, but I know a lot of you are do-it-yourselfers and/or thrifty upcyclers, so....do you darn your socks?  I ask this because I have two favorite pairs of knee socks, both of which now have holes in the heels, making my feet feel all funny if I try to wear them, which I've been trying not to do.  But I can't bring myself to throw them away!!  It's not like they're even anything particularly special, it's just that they go with a lot of my pants, so I'd like to keep them hanging around.

Because it was the obvious thing to do, I headed to Pinterest to look for a tutorial.  For once, not helpful: everything had to do with knitting (um, no) or some kind of elaborate stitching that I'm just not up to.  I did see one thing where someone had "darned" a patch, but that was for an elbow.  I don't know how that would go over on a heel.  Advice?  Darn them or throw them out?

Oh, and you need one of these.  Sock darner, anyone? (by Sistermaide on Etsy)

Of course, there's always just new socks (love these!!):

by TatianaOrlova on Etsy


  1. Tee hee, never tried darning socks before, but I'm not much of a sew-er, either. Good luck with finding something. Try Youtube!

  2. I always thought darning was just stitching the hole together. I would not know how to use that tool above. Love the new socks though.

    Etsy blog team

  3. I totally understand... I have no solution other then, I just wear a second pair of socks under my torn pair. I have a few that I just love to much to throw away too:)

  4. i had never even heard of the word 'darn' before until just now. I never wore socks until I moved to CT, so I guess i'm new to all this stuff!

  5. Thanks for noticing that I have sock darners! ...I would love to show you how to darn a sock, or glove, or whatever else...I am shopping for a video camera this holiday season, so that I can make some decent (I mean well lit, and details distinguishable) how-to videos, for my website, and youtube too. (or Utube, which ever is proper). There is a proper way to do it, but easy enough that I learned how to do it when I was still a toddler, right before socks got cheap, and the practice was forgotten. It is a technique of weaving, by sewing the torn edges in so as to make them smooth enough to be comfortable to wear on your feet without pain. Once you get onto it, it is easy, but if not done right you get a thick pile of threads that are wadded up and make sores on your feet. But don't let that scare you, because like I said, I learned to do it when I was really young.

    Your friend
    Diane of Sistermaide