While looking through my favorites on Etsy the other day, as I sometimes do when I'm feeling in a need-to-shop kind of mood, I realized that I have been on a jewelry kick lately.  To know me is to know I am not big on jewelry.  I don't wear a lot at once, I don't really feel like I know how to accessorize well, and I don't like to draw too much attention to myself.  So in that vein, I tend to wear very simple, understated jewelry, and that's just what I've been putting into my favorites lately:

You know I love my tea!  Tea earrings by UntamedMenagerie

Dedication necklace by TheDedicationCompany

Tuesday necklace by BeauandStella

Gold disk necklace by ConstantBaubling

Custom initial necklace by tyrahandmadejewelry

Sterling silver classic hoops by hilarykoster

Notice a theme here?  I love the simple, classic styling of all of these and they are all affordable finds!  I know that my jewelry collection is lacking, and if I look through what I have, everything is either several years old (read: high school) and/or stuff I don't really like anymore.  It might just be time for some updating.


  1. Oh you and I are totally on the same "jewelry page" here! So pretty, elegant, classic.... I adore every piece you've showcased!

  2. The tea set earrings are adorbs. I like the gold disc necklace, too.

  3. Those tea earrings are dainty and delicate! Great finds!


  4. i love these finds, they are gorgeous but simple! I have a lot of earrings from Menagerie faved, I think they have one that is a squirrel and an acorn and i lurrrrrrrrrrrrrrves it!