Holiday DIY: Christmas Card Holder

Oh, Martha, you've done it again.  In the Living magazine from last Christmas (I think) was this wreath:

The website says it's from 2002, but I think last year's issue was favorite's from seasons past.  Anyway....

I loved the idea of this wreath.  We have always had a problem with where to put Christmas cards. On a table, they're in the way.  Same with the mantle, where I have all other kinds of knick-knacks.  No good doorway to string them up around, and so on.  We do, however, have an empty spot over the mantle, perfect for this hoop!  So last year I made one, and it's back this year:

This is the easiest project.  All you need is a large wooden embroidery hoop- I got mine at Michael's in the knitting/embroidery aisle, with a 40% off coupon (like $2 or 3)- on which you attach mini clothes pins- also at Michael's in the doll/miniatures aisle.  Alternate them facing in then out every few inches around the hoop.  It helps to lay them out first, just in case.  Use wood glue to secure the pins down.  Trust me when I say that white glue and rubber cement both do not work.

Then loop a long piece of ribbon around the top of the hoop where the metal tightener is and tie a bow.  Loop a hanger through the back of the knot (Can you see my twist tie? High-tech!) and hang.  My ribbon is wired, so it's not as floppy as Martha's.  I like the look of hers, but my ribbon was hanging around in the Christmas bin for years and free is always good.

The clips hold the cards and photos in place nicely.

Quick, easy, and pretty attractive against our fireplace.  I suppose you could always paint the hoop if you'd like to make it more fancy, but we like the rustic look.  Maybe some day I will change the ribbon to something more Martha.


  1. oh martha. she never gets it wrong (remember... neeevvveerrr) I have seen this idea but never tried it, I dont know if I get enough cards for it to be an issue lol. it looks lovely when it's all filled in!

  2. lol. well this is pretty crafty. my grandma and aunt used to tape their xmas cards on the back of the front door. now i think they just put them all over the mantle. i rarely get cards. i got 1 so far :(

  3. haha - one of my friends made the same wreath and I have that exact ribbon! this tickles me. And I do think yours is attractive.