Blah. And a Few Thrifty Finds

I am having one of those days weeks where I don't feel like doing anything.  I am worn out from three-year-old tantrums and fits of jealousy over his sister.  I am tired of cleaning up crumbs and drywall dust on the floor, as it seems to never end.  I have been trying to make some new stuff for the shop but nothing wants to sew correctly so I am constantly seam-ripping and that makes me not want to even try.  *sigh*

But I went to the dump today, and that helped.

I scored these two cuties, which will be great decor in the living room.

And the major score of the day:

A Jeep-brand double umbrella stroller.  We have a double jogger that I got at a consignment shop a few months ago, but Gus doesn't really like it because he has to recline.  This will allow him to sit upright, but the seats do recline if we want them to.  And it was free!  (Palm to the forehead for going out and buying one.)  A good dousing with the hose out on the deck and drying in the sun.  We'll try it out and then the double jogger may be headed back to the consignment shop or listed in the local want ads.

Have any good finds lately?  Anyone else in a funk?


  1. gets like that. I think repetition sometimes just gets to you and makes you want to scream! I'm glad you found some good stuff and it's helping to lift you away though!

  2. i feel like im always in a funk lately. im sorry youre feeling so blah. the bikes are fantastic though. how great would they look in gus' room?!
    -Rachel w k

  3. OMG those bikes! Love them! Yeah, my hubs has been traveling every week now. So, that is leaving me a single mom with an almost 2 year old... not cool. I feel ya sister. Hang in there!