Happiness Is

Happiness this week should be a new slab of counter top installed and new coffee and end tables in place and new sliding door blinds installed.  However, the counter top guy hasn't called, the tables should be delivered today, and the blinds are lost.  Seriously.  I called the shipping company yesterday when the date online mysteriously kept being pushed back to the next day every day, and the woman was like, "Hmm...it looks like your package is lost right now."  How in the heck to you lose a 104-inch long package?  I was so mad yesterday that I almost wrote a rant on the complete and total lack of good customer service nowadays because we have been experiencing that more than we should.  But since it's Friday I decided to end on a happy note instead, so here we go.

Happiness is...

...new supplies on the way.  Envelopes, twine, fabric.  I don't have a picture because they're on the way and therefore not here yet, but it's safe to say that my spare-looking shop will have some new life in it soon, and that always makes me feel good.

...over 1000 pieces of Duplo Legos, perfect for little hands, from a tag sale across the street for $3.

...the almost-accomplishment of a large project that has been a long time coming.  I've started cleaning out my closet.  Last year I was pregnant for most the year, and then there is the residual I-still-don't-fit-in-my-clothes period, so I am finding new life in my old clothes this year.  But not wearing them last year, combined with the fact that we were in a different bedroom while renovating our own, left our clothes hurriedly placed into our new closet system and half of them left in the closets upstairs.  Yesterday I decided.  I wanted all my clothes in one place.  Organized.  Knowing what fits and what doesn't.  Freshly washed and unwrinkled.  The result: a huge pile of clothes to go out the door.

The stuff on the left is to go.  The pile actually almost doubled after this shot.
The middle is throw out stuff that I wouldn't send to Good Will.
The right are sweaters that are kind of almost too small but I'm not sure I want to get rid of them 
so I don't know what to do with them.  If you have suggestions, let me know.

I still have pants and capris to tackle as I didn't have time for it yesterday, but I feel so good doing this.  I know what I have.  I know what I need.  I know that I shouldn't be wearing stuff I wore in college.  I know that I am the queen of the white Gap Favorite tee because I had about 15 of each short and long sleeved.

I know it's been a really long time since I went to the local outlet malls, and a trip may be in order.  (Big smile.)

What's making you happy this week?  Did you tackle any big projects?  Any of your furniture go lost?


  1. Way to look on the bright side. But seriously, custer service SUCKS these days. It makes me so angry too! However, since we are on a happy note, happiness is my little girl saying uppy mommy with hands in the air. She is so snuggly today:)

  2. Ahhh....that always feels so good! My rule has always been to purge every 6 months when I have to switch out summer/ fall clothes...purging what I didn't wear that past season. It works out pretty well, but I can imagine being in your predicament how it would tend to drag and drag!

  3. organizing and going through a closet is always a good thing. well, at least the end result!

  4. I just had a bad customer service situation, too! We had some painters come to our house a week ago for an estimate and they gave us a crazy good price. We were stoked. The guy said he would email us the official quote... but he never did! Even after I emailed a reminder, nothing. I have a different painter coming in today. Looks like somebody lost our business!

    I hope your stuff arrives soon! I want to see how everything is coming together. :-)