Happiness Is

It's Friday, friends!  Time for a little end of the week happiness- a reflection on all the good little things.

Before I start I do have one lingering question for this week on the food front- how do you shop?  I generally do one big grocery store shopping to get what I need for the week, though it has happened where I've had to run in for a few things in between.  But I know there are people who stop in every few days to pick up what they need for a meal and get things fresh.  I don't know if I can manage that with two small kids, but I like the idea of eating fresh broccoli rather than the broccoli that's been in my fridge for a week, although I suppose broccoli is broccoli.  So, how do you shop?  Do you make a big trip like me?  Small trips?  Load up at the farmer's market (I'd love to do this!!)?  Stick to the main grocery or go to a market like Whole Foods?  Do tell!

Alright, here we go!  Happiness is...

...bookcases!  I'll have a post next week and an interesting story on why it's taken almost 5 months to get bookcases into our living room, but they are here, they are painted, and they are in the house and almost attached to the wall.  Time to fill them with all these books I've been grabbing from the dump!

...shopping at Pottery Barn.  Swoon.  Please don't be too jealous- it was only lamps.  But still, the hubs allowed me into the holy grail after two failed attempts at purchasing lamps online.  It is a magical, magical place.

...having an entire fleet to do every job imaginable (and he knows what they all do, too).

...having the hubs home on vacation next week!  Ok, vacation means him continuing to build the bathroom in the entryway, but still- it will be nice to have him around all week.

...a new tiny slow cooker.  I love my regular one so much, when I saw this one at Walmart (for $9.97, no less) I grabbed it.  I think it will be great for beans or that overnight oatmeal, and it will be nice if I want to make beans while also slow cooking meat.  Score!

I hope you all have a great weekend!  What's making you happy this week?


  1. What nice finds & developments this week! Exciting about the bathroom remodel, and about husband being on vacation:) On shopping- I don't have kids, but find myself hitting two places weekly- farm stand/ farmer's market and grocery store. Sometimes you're out of spices or tp, or other stuff you just can't get at the farmer's market. Every once in a blue moon I only have to go to one store weekly!

  2. I'm stoked about your bathroom! I want pictures! :-) We're all over the place with our grocery shopping. Our main places are Target, Trader Joe's, and Whole Foods. I tend to get dry goods at Target, fresh produce and meat from Whole Foods, and Trader Joe's is for meal-specific things (like their breaded eggplant or pasta sauce). We hit Target and WF weekly, and Trader Joe's is more like once a month. We also hit the farmer's market every few weeks, and we'd love to go more but our weekends fill up so quickly that it can be hard to squeeze it in.

  3. Yay yay! Can't wait to see the bookcases!

  4. LOVE bookcases. a tree grows in brooklyn!!! GOOD book. read it. you even find books at the dump....your dump rocks.