Back in the Saddle: Some Etsy Finds

Well, hello there.  I fell off the blogging wagon last week, apparently.  The past week was super busy with mudroom stuff, listing a bunch of stuff in the shop, and dealing with some unexpected family stuff.  So blogging got put to the side, even though I had stuff to share.  Such is life.  But I'm back in the saddle now with some fun things planned for you this week!

During my busy week I set up a few trades and made a few small purchases from some amazing Etsy sellers.  The kids made out like little bandits this past week, for sure.  Saturday was awesome with the mailbox stuffed with four packages.  I love getting packages.  Even though I already know what's in them, there's an anticipation in actually seeing what you've ordered.

This cutie bunny is made by Celina of Garden Birdie, who was just lovely to chat with.  She's got a ton of amazing felt Waldorf-inspired toys for kids.  Greta loves her new pal, and the ears went immediately into her mouth.  A sure sign of love.

Sue from ecoleeko is about as nice as possible and we swapped some funny kiddie stories while working out a trade.  Gus was lucky enough to score this chicken, which almost made his eyes bug out when he saw it, incredulous that it was actually his, and it went right up to his room.  I almost was going to keep it and display it somewhere (it's just that cute) but I decided it wouldn't be fair.  Greta (again) loves her seahorse rattle, which I knew would be prefect with the tail to chew on and the "mane" to chew on.  It (again) went right into her mouth.  Check out Sue's shop for some fab toys.

Holly at Lit Prints makes art from your favorite quotations.  I had a hard time picking the one I wanted from her shop because they are all amazing.  This one is going to go in Greta's room, which is so far the only room where nothing is hanging on the walls, even though we have plenty of plans.

And finally, this is the most genius idea I've seen in a long time.  I was looking for a pottery sponge holder for my sink to get the sponge up off of the counter so it could dry out better, but there's really not a lot of space for a dish where the sponge goes.  As I was searching I found this from Leslie at The Mud Place, which is not only the perfect size, I think it's incredible in its design.  These need to be ordered with time to spare because Leslie makes them all by hand as they are ordered.  I love it.

What finds have you been crushing on (or ordering, in my case) lately?


  1. OMG that sponge bowl is AWESOME!! So coo!

  2. Nice! I'm off to check out The Mud Place- been wanting something similar!

  3. those chickens are killing me. too funny.