Friday Finds, Holiday-Style

I was all geared up to do a traditional Friday Finds post with all sorts of lovely items for you to feast your eyes on, but then I started working on things online, which always leads to veering off in a totally unnecessary direction, and long story short, I found some other great things than just items to buy.

1. For your Christmas cards:

2. For your tree:

3. For your walls:

4. For your packages:

by Martha Stewart (slide #6)

5. For your table:

100 cookie recipes by Food Network

6. For the kids:

I hope I've inspired you to waste some time on the Internet today.  Have a great weekend!


  1. I'm freaking out over those 100 free printables! Artwork switcheroos are my jam. And thanks for that link about what to write in Christmas cards. I feel like I end up saying the same things to everybody.

  2. Don't need much to get me "wasting" time on the internet! But it was worth it to read this post. Love the Kis' stuff, not sure what one of the green items is (catapults are they?), but whatever, it was lovely to see! Thanks for sharing.

    Isobel from

  3. 100 cookie recipes? Be still my heart! Thanks for sharing :)

  4. Thanks for the great suggestions and ideas! Love the reindeer and the cookies look amazing!

  5. WHat great links!! I love the Christmas card one...who knew there was help out there for that!