Holiday Tutorial: DIY Holiday Framed Art

Welcome to December!  I'm very excited for this month.  I love Christmas and the whole holiday season.  We just put our tree up yesterday and pulled out all of the decor that's been stashed in the basement.  A lot of the knick-knacks and things we have we have had for many years.  I taught fifth grade for six years prior to staying home, so that nets you a lot of holiday decor you may not have normally bought for yourself.  We decided that now that the house is pretty much done and we can hopefully slack off on big expenses for awhile we can start to focus on building a collection of holiday items we actually want.

To that end, I am so excited to have Paige back on the blog with a super duper easy holiday decor DIY for you.  It's cheap, it's easy, and it looks great.


Greetings, Milo and Molly readers! I'm Paige from Little Nostalgia and I'm excited that Kristen asked me to post here today. The holidays are my favorite time of year and since my husband and I recently bought our first house, I'm stoked to finally decorate "for real." However, we don't have a money tree growing in our new yard, so I have to be creative if I want maximum merriment in here. Today I have an almost free holiday decoration that's probably the easiest project in the entire world (which is the magical combination, as far as I'm concerned). Behold!

Want to guess what that is in the frame?

It's a coaster! I dragged Hubsey through the holiday section at Target the other day, and I spotted a pack of 12 for $2.00. They're thick cardboard with a waterproof coating, so they'll work fine as actual table protectors, but I thought they'd make some pretty snazzy artwork.

-- coasters
-- picture frame
-- scrapbook paper
-- scissors or paper cutter (not pictured)

"Virserum" reminds me of "veritaserum." HP for life.

This is literally the easiest project you ever did see. (You don't even need the pictures, but I took some anyway.) Depending on the size of your frame, take a coaster or two and stick it into the frame facing the glass.

If you need to trim your paper to size, do so, and then add it to the frame behind the coaster.

Boom! Instant holiday artwork!

The coasters were $2.00 for the whole pack, though I only used one for a whopping total of 16 cents. I already had the scrapbook paper, and the frame was $1.99 at IKEA. That's brand new artwork for less than $2.50! Can't beat that with a stick.

(Sadly, these coasters are in-store only so I can't link to them, but I can tell you they're with the rest of the holiday decor. I believe there were coordinating plates and napkins, too.)

Piece of cake, right? Have you framed any coasters lately? Or any other "unusual" items? Have you made any holiday decor yourself?


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  1. So simple but of course super cute and creative. Thanks for sharing ladies! Hope you both have a wonderful day.

  2. Love me a simple decor piece that is super cute! In this busy time of year fast and simple is the best!

  3. i hoarded up on those ikea frames two years ago... theyre so useful! i love the little artwork, it looks so great :)
    -Rachel w k

  4. Cute idea! I like how these came out.

    <3 Melissa

  5. Why not just buy a small print from an actual artist? One wouldn't cost much more, especially if you bought it as a greeting card or something (considering that you have to spend two dollars, not sixteen cents in order to get the coaster pack), and you'd be supporting an indivitual, instead of a corporation. :P Or, for even cheaper, frame one of last year's Christmas Cards. That would cost nothing. XD

    1. Oh thank you so much for declining to use word verification. :D I wrote a post about how difficult blogspot's version is to read not that long ago, urging bloggers to disable it. :P

    2. Because now I have 11 coasters to use when I have people over!

    3. I think you actually hit on the point of Paige's post- the simplest thing can become art, like a Christmas card. I don't think she bought the coasters specifically for that purpose but it was convenient to use. It is nice to support an artist, but it's not always cost-effective or easy to find something you want. This hit on using something that is already hanging around, so it's quick, and easy, and fun!