Friday Finds.

Happy Friday!  Can I get a big "TGIF"?  We've had quite a week here, starting with Greta's accidentally testing out a large rock in our yard with her nose:

It swelled up and turned purple but luckily it's not broken.  The doctor was able to poke around on it without her even fussing, so one bottle of bubble gum-flavored amoxicillin later and she's on the mend.  It's not slowing her down at all but it scared the crap out of her mom.  Add into that dinner company tonight, Gus's birthday party on Sunday, and his friends coming over on Tuesday and I'm looking at a hectic next few days.  Let's pause a minute and look at some pretty stuff.

Have you seen Heidi's new notebooks? All ready to capture your great ideas.

This necklace is already perfect for me.

One of my kids is going to have to have this loom kit.  I just don't know which one yet.

I'm still in search of a ring, and this is such a pretty color.

More fun:

I'm totally sucked into this site where two friends decide to date for 40 days and see what happens.  I got up to day 11 yesterday.  40 Days Of  Dating

Even though this is a "boy toy", Greta is totally going to need one.

This makes me a little sad. 50 brands you didn't know were owned by big companies.

Pretty stacking bracelets tutorial from Love Sparkle Pretty.

This looks like it would be a good book.

Slow cooker clam chowder.  Enough said.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!
Anyone have some great plans?


  1. Oh, Greta's poor nose! You weren't kidding when you said it swelled. Glad she's on the mend!

    That leaf necklace is so cute. I'm intrigued by the 40 days of dating website, so now I'm going to read it instead of getting things done.

  2. Oh no! Glad she is doing okay but still, how scary!

    And thank you for posting that great article on food brands. I buy Silk Soymilk all the time and had no clue about that controversy. A lot of interesting facts!

  3. Oh goodness, that looks terrible! Hope little Greta is feeling better, luckily kids heal so quickly :)

  4. Aw your poor girl. I definitely remember doing something similar as a child. And falling off the swings + face planting many, many times.

    Thanks for these links! Checking out the notebook shop now!

  5. Oh that poor thing! :( glad she is on the mend! and those notebooks? IN LOVE.

  6. Poor thing! That looks so painful! And yes, I'm in love with the new notebooks too. She's actually doing a custom (blog) one for me soon. Can't wait.

    I'm LOVING 40 days of Dating! Thanks for sharing that. I think I'm on day 8 now. Anxious to keep going.