Introvert, Part 2.

By now, most of you know that I have declared myself an introvert, and I'm not totally surprised to see that many of you identify with it, too.  I think a lot of us are great social-media-interactors because we have a hard time being face-to-face with people.  Being on the computer gives us a chance to think about what we're saying and also allows us to edit our thoughts.  And so, because I find infographics to be fun and generally informative and often humorous, I present to you:

Respect the hamster ball.

But really, I just love the way this is laid out to make it really easy to know how to deal with this type of personality.

This second one was actually e-mailed to me as a suggestion based off of my last post about being intoverted, and I just now scrolled to the bottom of my e-mail pile and found it there, forgotten.  It's so good, though, you have to read it.

Quiet: Introverts on the Job

Personally, I think most people would work well in a nice, quiet environment alone without distractions.  Think of how much work you get done when you are by yourself, without distraction.  Maybe a little music playing.  You are more likely to achieve flow, which is so good for you (see: Flow in the Workplace).  I think we introverts are onto something.


  1. Very nice content! I'm an introvert- not extreme though. I do think there's truth to the top part: social interaction extracts energy for me. I've blossomed a bit in adulthood, but really just credit self-acceptance. I no longer get anxious when I know we're going to a big social gathering because I no longer feel awkward just standing alone or seeking one on one interactions. It really does take a lot to get to that place!

  2. I'm surprisingly not introverted in the workplace. I think it's important to put yourself out there and have your opinions heard otherwise you'll get push to the corner and forgotten in a job and that is the worst especially if you are trying to make a difference. Now, if there are social situations at work like a company picnic, party, bbq, etc.. then I become introverted and retreat to immediate co-workers.

    Also, I'm not quite sure the average income for graphic designers is correct. I think its almost half that amount. I read an article last year stating that majoring in graphic design was the worst major to major because of the least amount of money they make. One of my friends was a graphic designer in NYC and definitely didn't make 60K.