I'm going into this holiday season with a lot of fabric and color choices in the shop.  My theory has always been the more choice the better because something may catch someone's eye in one print that might not in another.  Or someone may be a pink person and all I have is green.  I don't want to narrow myself down to just one thing. 

On the other hand, this can be exhausting and time-consuming work.  Matching prints and colors for new items takes probably more time than anything because it has to look just right.  Part of the problem is that I love fabric, and when I see something, I have to have it.  This leaves me with a lot of choices, so I've been debating picking a handful of prints and buying yardage and offering those prints for a season.  Then switching it up with new fabrics, like an actual business with an actual collection.

The huge problem with this is I don't know if what I decide to pick is what the customer is going to like.  I'm also afraid that it would make my shop look too boring.  One of my in-person craft show shoppers told me I had happy fabric choices.  I like that.  So, the debate is whether making it easier on myself is better, or whether it's best to just keep on the way I am.

As a customer, do you like more choice, or does that make it more confusing?


  1. I love having more options because then I have the potential of finding something that I really love. However, if there are only a few options, and I don't like all of them, then I won't buy anything. At the same time, I think having just a few options that go together as a collection can help build a cohesive feel in your shop, and in addition, you can just purchase a bunch of one kind of fabric knowing that you'll use that for the particular season. I like the idea of coming out with a new line each season in terms of fabric and fashion.

  2. Paige @ Little NostalgiaOctober 2, 2014 at 9:39 AM

    I was literally wondering about the same thing last night as I looked for more material. What I've been doing for now is only getting fabrics that feel "like me" and getting some cohesion that way.

    Like Heidi said, I do like the theory of doing a new collection every season, and I agree that it can feel really polished, but what if your customers aren't as into what you pick for one of them? I'd be concerned about ending up with extra yardage that isn't moving. I shelled out for a bunch of cobalt blue pearls once because that color was everywhere, but it took FOREVER to get rid of them. Turns out that most brides weren't into trendy colors their their bridesmaid gifts.

  3. I've been having a similar internal debate with new shirt colors I want to offer for my made-to-order options. I personally as a buyer tend to like more choices, but I also think the shops with limited choices/'collections' look more cohesive. So I dunno. I'm on the same fence.


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