Good Reads: #GIRLBOSS.

Despite seeing some negative reviews, when #GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso, CEO of Nasty Gal popped up in the new books rack at the library, I grabbed it.  Some people loved it, some hated it, so I had to see what it was all about.  I had never heard of Amoruso or Nasty Gal prior to reading this, so I felt like I'd have a pretty objective read.

I ended up enjoying the book.  It's a pretty quick read, and for those of us who are running a small business, there are some really great snippets of advice throughout the narrative: work hard, be professional, and most importantly, use good grammar.  While there's not a ton of insider industry advice, the book is full of common sense business tips from someone without a degree in business, someone who started her business on eBay and built it up from nothing.  I can relate to that and her work ethic.  Some reviewers were turned off by the fact that she really pushed her hard work ethic, citing that this attacks those lazy Milennials, but I think it's a great, realistic message.

If you're building a business from the group up and want some kick-butt reminders that you can do it, I'd recommend giving this a read.

Have you read #GIRLBOSS?  Do you have any small business advice?  What's everyone got going on for the weekend?


  1. Paige @ Little NostalgiaOctober 17, 2014 at 9:53 AM

    Wait, so people didn't like it because she said that it takes hard work to be successful? Hahahaha. I haven't heard a ton about this book yet, aside from the fact that it exists, but that cracks me up. Obviously you have to work. Nate was telling me about a business phenomenon that's been happening lately where young people try to organize a start-up with the intent of getting a load of investor money but not really doing any work. Like, they all dream of inventing an app or some relatively easy thing, and then just living off of that money forever. I laughed at that, too.

    I have a really long list of nonfiction books to read, but I'll add this to it because I like hearing from female business owners. I didn't know that Nasty Gal started on eBay!

  2. The lack of work thing really drives me crazy! But definitely add this to the list- it has a lot of little butt-kicking parts that help keep you motivated.

  3. I've never heard of Nasty Gal or this book besides you mentioning it. I think regardless of what you do it requires likes of work and effort. Very rarely do people make it in life by just letting things happen and not being proactive. I feel you have to take the same approach to your small business. No one is going to know you have a business without you making the effort to get it out there.

    I really hope that journalists and people just stop attacking millenials. Majority of my friends have worked really hard to get where they are and most of them did it without mommy and daddy's money. So this idea of millennials getting everything without trying is getting old because I just don't see it in my personal life.

    This weekend I'm doing another flea market. This one is suppose to draw in a lot more people so hopefully more sales this time around!!

  4. Good luck at your flea market!! I hope you make a lot of sales. Otherwise, the day just goes so slowly.