Random Kitchen Post.

I was going through my draft posts to see if I could finish something I had started and I came across this photo in a blank post:

I have no idea what my purpose was in saving it (other than that it's gorgeous, hello) but now that I found it, let's just spend a minute admiring this kitchen in all its serene beauty.  First, the light, which is amazing in itself.  I love the windows up in the dormers, and while I am not a huge fan of rounded windows, using that as part of a window wall brings in so much sunshine.  Then there's the colors, which are so fresh and modern and soothing.  Plus, check out the wood slat ceiling:


How amazing is that detail??  This shot from the other side shows off the appliances- let's drool over that stove, shall we?- and all of that beautiful cabinetry.  I also love the bookshelf in the side of the island- the spines bring a little pop of color to the room.  The whole space makes me happy.  I'd like to just sit in there on a sunny spring day with a cup of tea and just hang out all afternoon.

What's your favorite part of this room?  How would you spend your time in it?


  1. I love everything about this kitchen! I'm building a new home and thought I made a final decision on my Chestnut Shadow tone cabinets with a cream painted shadow island for an accent for selection. I am usually one that goes with what I love rather than follow the trends. I may change my mind with a little more thought!

  2. Paige @ Little NostalgiaMarch 25, 2015 at 9:32 AM

    Yessssss! I think my favorite thing is the contrast of the dark chairs against all of the cream. And then the pendants. Me-ow.

  3. It's so hard to start from scratch! That's kind of why I love magazine photos- they are so great for ideas.

  4. I just want to wallow in the sunshine. Such a beautiful room!