DIY: Refinish an Old Table.

If there was ever any question about how much I love the exchange shack at my dump, let me allay that with this post.  It is truly amazing to me what I have found up there, left for free for anyone to take- we have gotten bicycles, a large piano keyboard, terra cotta pots, hand weights, and lots more.  But on Tuesday, I came home with a real gem:

It was in rough shape, but it's a generally sturdy piece- and both drawers work- and I could see the potential in it.  The top was badly damaged.  I am all about loving on original wood, and especially in this tone, but it looked like someone spilled some kind of solvent on it because those white spots are stripped down to the wood, so once I really got to look it over I decided to sand it down and spray paint it.  The back piece is a drop-down, and it looked like someone had kept it near a dryer vent because it was so completely full of lint that when I hosed it down in the yard there were clods of it in the grass.

I took the antique brass hardware off and sprayed it with black chalkboard paint that I had bought for another purpose, and I took the drawers out to spray the fronts.  It was when I tipped the drawers up on end that I realized that it was likely that the table was handmade from found wood.  The drawer bottoms could have been from packaging crates.  As you can see in the photo above, the top slat is Fels-Naptha soap, and you can't see it really well but the bottom plank has a signature on it.  Very cool.

Using a sanding block to rough up the surface, I then used Krylon Covermaxx spray paint in Sunrise satin to hide all the defects.  It only took (almost) two cans, which, given the fact that I am not the most awesome spray painter, is pretty good.  I let it dry over night in the garage, and then Greta helped me put the hardware back on in the afternoon after she got home from school.  I think it turned out pretty cute:

The hardest part was getting in all those grooves on those spindle legs so I had to keep going back and doing more, but I love the bold color (it's more salmon than bright pink) and I think it's going to be a really fun piece.  Not bad for a free table and 2 cans of spray paint at $3.67 each!

Have you ever spray painted furniture before?  Anyone have a good free find lately?


  1. Total transformation for just a couple cans of spray paint. I love the color and the end result! I have repainted small dresser drawer in my studio that I painted with random leftover paint from a friend. Now I'm starting to think I should repaint it again... and maybe get some cute hardware for it. Wheels are spinning.... :)

  2. Thanks! I'm happy with it! You should totally refinish your dresser- new hardware goes a long way!


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