My Night Life.
When it comes down to it, I feel like I have two lives- my day life and then my night life, which is much shorter but wildly more productive than my day life.  It is absolutely amazing what I can accomplish between the hours of 8:30ish to midnight-ish.  Maybe it's because the volume of the house is turned completely off with everyone sleeping, or maybe it's that I just naturally hit my stride in the evening, or maybe it's something else altogether, but once everyone has gone to bed, I go to town.

Last night, for example, I started at about 9:30.  Because my husband gets up for work at 5am, he tends to go to bed between 9 and 9:30.  I can't even think about trying to fall asleep at that hour (see graphic above) so I am always up later than he is.  So from 9:30 pm I managed to bake a pan of brownies for today's playdate; get the kids' laundry dried, folded, and put away (stealthy laundry ninja!) and start a load of sheets and towels; tidy up the mudroom, the kitchen, and the dining room; pay a few bills; iron pants; clear clutter; answer emails and screw around online; and write this blog post, and it's only 11:19.

I sometimes wonder what I would be able to accomplish if I had more of these hours, where silence reigns and productivity soars.  The results could be pretty incredible.  Ideally I suppose I would be the type of person who works until 2 or 3 am and sleeps in later in the morning, but I'm not currently afforded that luxury as my two little people, while great great sleepers, don't generally stay up there past 8am.

Do you find you get mass amounts of stuff done in the evening, or are you more successful in the morning?

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