Sounds From the Studio // 1 //

Last night I was up late working in the studio, and even though everyone was asleep, I had music playing quietly.  I have come to realize that I work more steadily if I have music on.  I think it helps block out the noise around me, and it helps me get into a groove and just get moving.  I often forget to put it on, but when I do, I notice I can work for a longer period of time.

I always have upbeat music playing when I'm working.  I do not want sappy love songs or other slow, dramatic pieces playing when I'm trying to get things done.  I need happy, peppy, sing-along songs to help keep me moving.  I mentioned last week that I grew up on oldies music - the 50's, 60's, and early 70's were the soundtrack to my early childhood, and this is the music that most often carries over to the studio.  I use Pandora for my music service, which I love because of how you can pretty much guide it on what to play for you.  I have slowly honed and crafted my 60s station, only allowing the best of the best hits through to the point where I now barely have to reject a track.

What I love about this era is the vocal harmony, the use of real instruments, and the experimentation with new sounds.  And while I do like the more popular Beatles, etc., I tend to gravitate toward the slightly more obscure hits that don't immediately come to mind but once you hear them you go, "Oh! That song!"  So I picked out a few of them for you to enjoy on your Friday:

What type of music do you listen to when you work?  Do any of these songs resonate with you?

Happy Friday!


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