Another Thrifty Find

When I went on my belt hunt for the jar shelf the hubs so craftily made, we did a little looking around in Savers, just so he could see what it was all about.  Now, remember when we finished the basement?  We have big, bare walls down there and have been looking for some larger-type things to hang.  Well, we found something:



We saw these really cool wooden tennis rackets and I think the light blub went off for both of us at the same time.  Fun for the basement and a good space filler.  Cost: about $8.  The girl at the counter actually asked us if we played a lot of tennis.  Not the best photos here, but I hope you like our fun find!

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Blue Eyed Owl


  1. I like that idea and putting unique things on walls in general really. I made vintage game boards into wall art for my basement! :)

    <3 Jesse

    from blogging buddies on Etsy

  2. Great decoration idea! It's perfect for the basement.

  3. Fun! I totally have one for sale in my shop right now haha.

  4. That's so fun! Just out of curiosity, *do* you play a lot of tennis? ;-)

  5. My first tennis racket was a wooden one. That was before all the titanium, etc. When those big ones first came out, they seemed like cheating!