Pinterest Thursday Becomes Totally Terrific Thursday! (And I Thrifted!)

Welcome to the all-new Totally Terrific Thursday.  I wanted to change the link party to include anyone who has worked on a project during the week because I know how it feels to be proud of what you've accomplished and want to share.  The link-up is at the bottom of the post, but first....

I don't actually have anything to share this week!  I actually tried a bunch of new recipes, but I completely forgot to photograph anything, so maybe next time.  What I do want to share is my very cool and awesome first-ever thrifting find.  In the next town over we actually have a Salvation Army, a Goodwill, and a Savers, all within 2 miles of each other.  I decided to check them out after reading Traci's thrifting post over at All Things Luci Rae.  You should definitely read it and follow the link because the two articles will make you want to go out and find junk.  Trust me.

So today while the grandparents were over and I was able to sneak out of the house to shop alone (woo hoo!) I decided to see what I could find.  I started at the Salvation Army and I wasn't too impressed.  They were having a clearance sale and there wasn't too much to be had.  I headed down to the Savers and got lost.  Completely.  I can't believe how many brand new books, board games, toys, you name it they had.  Now, there was junk.  J-U-N-K.  But in between and around the junk was some great stuff.  When we get to board games age, I am totally going to buy a nearly new game for $3.

My big find was shoes.  I love shoes.  Love love love shoes.  And right out of the gate I found a pair of Clarks Artisan flats, in my size, that have no wear marks whatsoever.  They are lovely.  $6.  Score!  Wandering around the racks I spied the toddler shoes and figured I'd take a peek.  Gus goes through shoes quickly and I hate to pay a lot.  Behold:

The most adorable Merrill's I ever saw.  Brand new- look!  No wear!  In his size!  $5!  Do you know how much those would be brand new?!  Mine, all mine!  I was so excited, and spent so much time in Savers that I didn't have time to go to Goodwill.  Something to look forward to.

Ok, ok, enough about me.  I really want to see what you've been working on this week.  So please link up your post (your direct post link, not your blog homepage) below.  Hop around and see what other people have been up to, too.  Leave a comment or two- we all love them!  And grab a button if you like (I promise I'll work on a better one)!

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  1. Shoot, I used your old button! Well, people will still get the idea. :-)

    I haven't read her articles yet, but they're on my list. You found some great stuff! I'd love to score some Clark's...

  2. I'm linked up! I am branching out from Pinterest posts on Thursdays too, because not all of my projects are Pinterest-inspired. And, I absolutely love Savers!

  3. ooohhh, somebody caught the thrifting fever! lol! enjoy.


  4. I totally buy ALL of Luci's shoes at Goodwill. I found some ADORABLE pink chucks the other day that make me smile. They go through them so fast there is no point in buying brand new! Thanks for the shout out:) Made me happy!

  5. AWESOME score on the shoes!!! man, i LOVE thrifting!

  6. I'm so happy you've discovered the joys of thrifting! It's the best, especially kid free ;)