Tuesday Music: Winter

This week I'm linking up with Heidi at Rowhouse 14 again to bring you some musical selections.  The theme this week is winter songs.  That once again sent me to Google because I didn't want to use any Christmas or holiday songs.  I've had enough of those until next year, having listened to the 24-hour holiday music on the local radio station day after day.  I was pleasantly surprised to find some traditional and non-traditional favorites to fit the theme.  The one I was specifically after I couldn't remember the name of, but I had to find it because it brings me back to high school show choir. So I not only found A Hazy Shade of Winter (the Bangles version, of course) but I found a show choir performing it.  And yes, I did that once upon a time.

The ultimate winter song:

Some other favorites: Snow by Red Hot Chili Peppers (not sure at all if this is winter, but any excuse to throw out some RHCP works for me).

Ok, this is stretching it, but it brings me back to fifth grade when this was the ultimate in cool.

So click the button and hop to Heidi's blog if you'd like to see her picks and those of the others who link up!

Row House 14 Music Linkup Party


  1. Did you know that Vanilla Ice is a big DIY house-flipper now? I saw a commercial for his show and just about sprayed coffee all over the place. Weird!

  2. Great picks! I had friend in show choir-- those were the days. I still remember the Vanilla Ice and Queen lawsuit from him stealing the bassline from Under Pressure. That was a big deal for me in 1st grade. Not kidding. Is it bad that a first grader was up enough on Queen to know Vanilla Ice had stolen it?