The Craft Show: My Display

When I was little, I always went to craft shows with my mom, and we still do, though not as much now.  I always loved going to them and always wanted to be one of the people selling stuff.  Either that or I wanted to hang out by the herb dip/fudge/pie booth for as long as I could eating samples.

Anyway, having attended so many, I had some idea of how a display is supposed to be set up, so that was a great help in trying to decide how I wanted to set up my own (very first!!) craft show table display.  Plus, I joined a craft fair team on Etsy and there was some really good advice (read here) about setting up.

All of my items were picked up at the dump.  You know my love of the dump, and I've been fortunate to find a bunch of stuff to use for display.

Remember this former silverware tray (I took the velvet divider out of it)?

Instant note card holder:

This floral arrangement basket (I think??):

Held the crayon rolls:

These boxes were actually left behind in our garage when we moved in, holding nails and things:

I used three of them, one for mini notes, one for bookmarks and magnets, and we used one as a platform upside-down:

This totally awesome cookie jar:

Held my tea towels:

These empty frames:

Became my signs (thanks to Paige for the idea!):

 Plus I used a cookie sheet to display magnets, a fishbowl vase for baker's twine, and a stack of found books for mini bookmarks.  Here's how it turned out:

I was having a little fun with Instagram, since I finally got my hands on the iphone.  Here's Kristen's side of the table (yup, she's Kristen, too):

We had a lot of stuff.  We're thinking two tables next time.

Anyone been craft-showing lately?


  1. Cute set up! I'm impressed with all the stuff you girls had!

  2. How cute it turned out! Congrats on your first show:)

  3. Oh, it looks so cute! I'm glad you gave my sign idea a try. :-) The two sides of the table worked well together, too.

  4. Looks fantastic. Good thinking on all your display pieces. I haven't done any in long time. Gar is thinking participating in farmer/artist market in Boston and in Portsmouth. The only problem is, the logistics of moving lots of concrete planters, votives, etc. How did you find Square? Did it work well. I was trying to hold out for paypal's version but they seem to be taking forever to launch.

  5. It looks great! You did an awesome job with all of your displays. I hope that it went well and think that you could definitely expand to two tables next time.

  6. It looks so good! I haven't had a booth yet but it is on my bucket list.

  7. Love all of this!!!! Everything is so cute and the displays are great! I'm your newest follower!!

  8. Congrats! You've won my giveway for the Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Day!!!

  9. Love your display. We just had our first craft show 2 weeks ago. I love all of your ideas for displaying things.