A New Identity

Yesterday I told you to come back and read because there are some changes afoot.  Changes I have been wanting to make for awhile, and the time has come (or will soon, when I get a little bit of time) to change my shop name and blog name and branding in general, the last of which I have not really ever had.

If you've been reading along with me awhile, you'll remember me talking about this here and here, where I was so very excited when Etsy announced the ability to change your shop name and total disappointment when I realized that "by the book," the intended new name, was already taken.  Since then I've just kind of left it floating, playing around with ideas and trying to make a decision.

In the past few weeks, a few opportunities arose, including the upcoming craft fair that I talked about yesterday, that forced me to make a decision.  I also watched this vlog by April at The Flourishing Abode- the last segment on brand packaging in particular- and I realized that I really needed to do something more consistent with my brand.  I have thought up and down about what to call my shop relating to "by the book" but getting rid of the "paper" part, since that is not the only product anymore.  I also asked your opinions, hoping for fresh ideas, and I appreciate everyone's comments.  I decided to try out "by the book handmade" and even starting putting that on my business cards, but it didn't totally sit right.  And I finally figured out that I am not "by the book" anymore, and that I'm not sure if it ever was.  I started out with the intention of making personalized bookmarks and wanted to play on the word book, though I've never been entirely happy with what I've come up with.  However, my shop is so much more now that just bookmarks and I intend to keep it that way, so a few nights ago I decided that it was time to make a total change.

I want something totally generic in a shop name, something that can stand for any product I decide I want to make without me having to worry if it makes sense with that name.  Something cute and fun that works well with paper, fabric, gifts, kids items, you name it.  One day soon (maybe after this weekend?) you will come back here and wonder if you are in the wrong place.  I'm going with a whole new name, banner, colors, etc.  My business cards and packaging will reflect these colors.  I plan on keeping my avatar for a little while until people get used to the new name and then I will switch over.  I know it will be confusing at first, but I no longer want to continue on with the name I have, kinda-sorta-maybe happy with it.

So what is it?  I decided on a shop name comprised of two first names, first names that we almost gave to the kids when they were born (they were on "the list").  I momentarily considered using my kids' own names, but wanted to keep them separated from the shop name, so I started thinking about the monikers we almost gave them and a new brand was formed.

I'll let you ponder on that over the weekend.  Anyone want to take a guess?  Leave me a comment and if you're able to nail it (not you Heidi or Rachel) I'll send you a gift in the mail.  I'll even give you a hint- they both start with M.

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. I'm so excited you're finally getting this worked out! I think my official guess will be Molly&Mason.

  2. Whoops, that's the defunct account! My bad.

  3. Exciting!! Yeah, I've gone through 3 name changes - but it was all before Etsy allowed you to change your shop name, so I had to open separate shops. So I'm definitely glad for your sake that they've fixed that now! Can't wait to hear what your new name will be!! And thanks for the shout out for my vlog -- I'm so glad it was helpful to you!! :)

  4. This sounds so lovely! It's a lot of work to think about and implement, but it sounds like you're well on your way! Best!

  5. I can totally relate to this. I had the hardest time coming up with a name. Especially since I was planning on putting my artwork in my Etsy shop, but I knew there would be more than that. I finally had to come up with something, but now that I've started a blog, I'm thinking of changing my shop name too!
    I wouldn't even have a clue on your new name, but I bet it will be great!

  6. This is SO exciting :) As you might know, I just went through the rebranding process. My name didn't change much, but my look has made a dramatic transformation. It's been exciting, stressful and most importantly, completely worth it.

    Best of luck! If I can answer any questions or help in any way, let me know :)


  7. Doesn't is seem to be a constant work in progress, lol. Lots of luck to you! I am or have been for a while in the updating of my branding... I would not want to start from scratch again.... so much involved!

  8. wish i could play along! i loooooooooooove the last picture! ive been so out of the etsy circle lately that i dont even know the fab things you make now! my guess issssss Mothra and Maude ;)

  9. That last picture is so CUTE!


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