Sew Crazy

It had been building for days.  Gus would wake up too early (between 6 and 7 am) and once he's up, he's up.  One or several mini meltdowns throughout the day because he is overtired, but we can't nap him or else he won't sleep at night.  Cut to yesterday morning.  Gus came bumping down the stairs around 7:00.  The hubs was up and working in his office and told Gus to go back up and use the bathroom before coming down.  Complete.  Freakout.  He stormed up the stairs, slammed his door (he's not even 3 yet) and proceeded to cry and yell and throw a massive tantrum, until.....silence.  When I checked on him a little bit later, he was in his bed again, completely asleep.  And there he stayed until 11:15.

Greta, on the other hand, has also taken to waking up early, so around 7:30 I went and got her and fed her and let her play as much as a 6-month-old can (she's rolling over now, by the way- so cool), and so by 9 or so she was ready for a nap.  And slept until noon.

So for a portion of the morning, I was home with no kids.  Technically.  I should have been painting trim in the living room, but I didn't know how much time I'd have and that is involved, so I went to the sewing table and began cutting fabric for crayon rolls.

Little known fact: I am going to be doing a craft show in about 16 days (more on that later).  I have been procrastinating making anything for days now but realized if I don't get moving, I won't have anything to sell and I'll look stupid.  And I cannot stand looking stupid.  Anyway, the time had come to get the crayon rolls out of the way because those little pockets can take some time.  I wanted to streamline the process by having everything cut and ready to sew so I wouldn't have to keep changing the thread color.  I've had all this fabric, some from my scrap piles, some from what I've found and loved, sitting in a pile "put aside" for crayon rolls, so I decided to cut it all since that's what its purpose is going to be.

Ever wonder what fabric for 30+ crayon rolls looks like?

In case you're wondering the scale of that, here you are:

Yes, two full inches of fabric.  And that's not even all of it because some of the prints I didn't have a good solid for.  My fabric matching system:

Did I mention that I scored a bag of ribbon at a tag sale up the street for $1?  Perfect for the ties on the crayon rolls.

And you can see how neat and orderly I am as I am sorting through said ribbon:

I also had a little help later in the day.  Ok, maybe not, but he stayed busy and quiet, which is key.  By day's end I had 26 crayon roll fronts sewn (that's 208 little pockets) with ribbons attached.  Hopefully today I'll get to close them up and finish them off.  Then it's on to the next stack of things for the craft show.

Also, make sure you come back tomorrow- I've got some business-y/bloggy news to share!

Any craft show advice?  Anyone want to come help me sew?


  1. Aaaah, a cliffhanger!

    Craft show advice: bring enough inventory to fill your table twice. Your items are fairly large, so I don't think you'll have a problem! If you're still looking for display items, I got 80% of mine at thrift stores. Like the curtain valance I use as a table cloth that gets compliments every time. Also, bring a buddy. You'll have to pee, and I don't like having other vendors watch my booth because I'm afraid they won't really pay attention.

  2. Ah yes. Luci is having fits regularly these days and she is only 19 months! Where do they get all of these crazy opinions:) Good luck on the show. Can't wait to hear the news!

  3. Good luck with the craft show. I've never done one. I'm thinking of doing an art show in the fall, which means I have to start getting serious now!