Craft Show Craziness

Hey everyone!  I'm sorry to have abandoned you for TWO WEEKS!  How did the time go by that fast??

In my absence, if you haven't already seen it on Twitter, I was prepping for my very first craft show.  My cousin's wife (see her shop here) got invited to a local show and we decided to team up and go together.  The past two weeks, and particularly last week, was devoted to making stuff.  And boy, did I make stuff.


45 crayon rolls, 36 sets of cards, a dozen sets of mini notes, several sets of magnets, 7 tea towels, mini bookmarks and ribbon bookmarks.  I'm still exhausted.  And unfortunately the show was a bit slow, so I have a lot of stuff left over, but that means that Milo and Molly will be packed full for the first time.  I am slowly adding the items to the shop, and I'm going to be sending a box to a coffeehouse in Georgia who is going to sell them (yay!!).  I may have to have a sale pretty soon.

Stay tuned tomorrow for my show set up, which I'm pretty proud of considering we shared a table (it was packed) and it was my first-ever setup.  Plus, all my display items were found at the dump!


  1. Had to scroll down to figure out what a crayon roll is. So cute! Too bad my son is too old for those. Good luck at your craft show!!!

  2. Great colors in this blog post. And what a fun project to tackle! Thank you for sharing.

  3. Very cool! You did SO much work! Everything looks great :)

  4. Daaaaaang! That is some serious production. So do you think you'll be doing any more shows?