Oh, It's Friday!

Friday is here!  Hooray!  That actually means nothing to me anymore since there are no Fridays for me, but it does mean that hubby will be home the next two days, which is awesome.

Here's what's going on over here right now.  Most of it is making me crazy and I don't know which thing to focus on when I have a scant amount of free time.

1. We are painting our kitchen cabinets, which I may have mentioned (ha!).  If you follow me on Instagram, you know we have been painting, and painting, and painting.  Four coats in all of primer and paint, and we've only gotten the cabinet bases done.  All the doors and drawer fronts are in the basement.  Not painted.  Or primed.  The bases we have only been able to paint when the little ones are in bed because paint and little hands do not mix, which means we have been painting roughly from 8-10pm and that is no fun.

2. Baby shower this weekend!  My BFF in real life is due with her first baby in December.  Baby unknown gender will be following a yellow and gray theme, and I decided to make all my gifts.  Yes, make.  I know.  But for once I started early and the pile is done.  I'll share more of that on Monday.  You may have seen a sneak peek on Instagram.  Just know that after painting the cabinets I then would head to my sewing room to work on gifts.  Yep, after.

3. I am doing my second craft show next weekend, so in addition to the gift-making there has been the product-making.  I have a huge list of stuff I want to have made.  I am kind of making a list for what I'd like to accomplish each day, not leaving it all to the end, which is helping, but still, I am feeling overwhelmed.

4. Keeping up with Etsy and blogging.  In trying to do all the IRL stuff, I want to make sure that I'm here and paying attention to my blog and shop.  I still can't seem to manage to do both well.  If you haven't read these two posts this week, please do!  Handmade Holiday Swap / Free Advertising and Guest Posts  I am so excited about both and I think they are great ideas and I'm looking for people to join in and interact.  I've gotten back to almost everyone who's contacted me so far.  Bear with me- I promise I'm going as fast as I can.

5. Once the craft show is over, then I have to make/alter Halloween costumes and get a birthday party together because Greta is going to be one.  Was that a fast year for anyone else?

I feel like my mind is going in too many directions at once- at the household chores/kids/cooking thing isn't even factored in.  I'm looking forward to getting through some of these big events so I can have a little bit of a breather before the whole Thanksgiving-slides-into-Christmas time gets here.

What's going on in your life right now?  Any big events making you crazy?


  1. Painting is always a fun thing to do!
    Have fun at the baby shower this weekend. =)
    I need to get caught up on emails, and I hope to take the family to a pumpkin patch farm this weekend - lots of pumpkins and farm animals, just waiting for us to see them all!

  2. I'm feeling the same way! I have school, and jewelry, and the blog, and prepping for more handmade gifts that I hope to make this year, and then there are the basic things like buying food and cleaning the house that just aren't happening. I'm also trying to find time for a haircut, too. Ha!

    Good luck with your craft show! (Or if it already happened, I hope it went well!)