Pretty Dishes

I figured that right in the middle of the kitchen disaster would be a good time to share my favorite dishes.  The cabinet doors are off (ahhhhhh!) so I could get some good shots.  (Relatively speaking.  The only day we've had sun in the past week or so, we weren't home all day.  Typical.)

This is Polish Pottery, which started with my mom and aunts collecting it, which turned into me and a few of my cousins collecting it.  It is gorgeous, heavyweight pottery that is hand-painted by artisans in Poland.  Each piece is quite intricate, detailed on both the inside and outside.  When the hubs and I got married we decided that instead of registering for china we'd ask for a set of these dishes instead (building on all the serving stuff we already had) because they are perfect for both everyday and formal use.  I really love the rounded mugs because they hold a ton of tea at once, and I love the mix-and-match style of it all because you get so many different patterns but they all coordinate.

You can find this style online on ebay and other places, in gift shops, sometimes in TJMaxx/Marhsall's/Home Goods, and if you happen to watch, sometimes on QVC.  The lady who most of this stuff if from sells on QVC and sells out in record time, but we happen to live somewhat close to her warehouse so we can go pick what we want.  It also makes for lovely gifts.

I can't wait until it is all behind its lovely glass doors again.


  1. I found some of this Polish Pottery at The Christmas Tree Shop a couple years ago. Couldn't believe it! So pretty :)
    You've got quite the collection there!

    1. That's right! I have some from there, actually. I haven't been to a Christmas Tree Shop in so long since we're not near one anymore that I forgot they had it!

  2. It's beautiful! My mother-in-law recently got into this and told me about it. I'd never heard of it before!

    You were smart to register for this instead of china. I let myself get talked into china and totally regret it now. We didn't end up getting enough place settings to use it for anything, anyway, so the few we do have are just taking up space.

  3. I love that you turned lemons (your kitchen reno) into lemonade (showing us your beautiful dishes). :)

  4. Beautiful!! Good luck getting the cabinet painting done! This reminds me that I need to get going on ours too!!!

  5. those dishes are gorgeous! i love how they all seem to compliment each other very well. nice to have a huge collection!


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