I Love the Dump

Ok, I am not trying to make this a thrifting blog, I swear, but it's what I've been doing a lot of lately and I'm too excited with my finds not to share!  This one is a bit photo heavy.  I thought about breaking it up into mini-posts, but I just didn't want to wait to show everything off.  Plus, I should probably try writing about something else again soon.  Anyway....

This lovely wooden tray/drawer had one of those velvet cutlery dividers in it, but it was kind of dusty-linty, so that stayed there.  This is the perfect size for 12 x 12 scrapbook paper.

Folded flag case, or a really neat display case for something.

A decent basket.

A cross stitch/embroidery holder.  I've always wanted one of these.  You stretch the fabric on it so you don't have to hold a hoop.  However, I am used to and kind of like holding the hoop.  Oh well, it's mine now.

I know- Wait, what?  Rip the fine decor off of it and....

....it's a 14-inch quilting hoop!

This one I'm quite proud of (and no, I'm not storing it on the dryer, it just happened to land there).  Thinking my map-loving husband would get great joy out of this (he didn't), I rushed to grab it.  Great condition (one small dent) and see that big purple blob up there?  French West Africa.  Which fell apart in 1960.  Which means this globe is at least from 1950.  Too cool.  Now I either have to twist his arm to put it somewhere in the house or it will be on its way.

Another lovely wooden tennis racket for our basement wall.  We actually have 6 up now, all from Savers, and it looks even better than before.  I'd like to do 2 more, hubs says we're good.  We'll see.

This totally dusty shelf (which actually belongs upside down from the way I have it) would be great in either of my workspaces to hold small stuff and get it off the table.  I'm just not sure whether to leave it or paint it white.  It's a nice color, but there's a flaw right on the top/bottom of it, depending on how you hold it, that I'd like to cover up.

Compared to my bookcase.  Someone in town was busy cleaning out this past weekend.

Books!  Old books at that.  Check out that date!  I got a bunch of books for Gus (Babar! The Polar Express!) and some neat finds for us, too.  I got an A.A. Milne poem book dated in the 1940s.

And the piece de resistance (did I just use that phrase recently?):

Yes, a Hot Wheels bike for Gus, who is way too small for it but I couldn't leave it there.  Actually, he's not way too small for it- he can almost reach the pedals- but it will be a few years before he's riding this, I think.  I saw one just like it at Walmart the next day for $77.

I'm totally excited about all these finds!  Like I said, I actually went to the dump twice on Saturday just because I had found such great stuff in the morning.  I'm so glad I did- the bookcase and shelf and all the books were there on the second trip.  Oh, and someone left a tool box there, so I grabbed hubs a brand new heavy duty staple gun, staples, screws, anchors, picture hangers, etc.  He liked that stuff.

Have you had any great finds this week?

Basement Bookcase

When we finished our basement and started adding furniture, we (I) thought we needed a bookcase at the bottom of the stairs next to the couch (if you follow that link, where the rocking horse is) to help corral all of Gus's stuff.  My first thought- Ikea (duh)- but hubs has an aversion to all things particleboard, so we never found anything.  Then on Saturday at the dump, a true find:

Dirty and dusty, but all wood!  I didn't even notice the cracked top moudling until I started cleaning it, and hubs didn't notice until it was done and we got it in place.  I wanted to get this done that day, knowing if I didn't it was never going to happen, so I channeled my inner Traci Remley and decided spray paint was the way to go.  After a good thorough cleaning and a light sanding, I was ready to paint.  But alas, one can of spray paint did not cut it, so hubs got out the industrial sprayer we got to spray our new closet doors and went to town.  Not too bad:

And it ended up being the perfect fit, being just about the same height as the couch.

And it's not even full yet!

Let me tell you, I went to the dump once on Friday and twice on Saturday.  The weather was beautiful and people we ridding themselves of some great stuff.  I have lots to share this week!  And I finally managed to clean my sewing table (I can actually see the top of it) so maybe I'll finally have some new stuff to share from there too.

52 Mantels

Thrify Friday

Another round of town dump finds!  I generally like to go in there with something to drop off, but I am seriously starting to go there just to see what's been left behind.

Like this little green glass vase, soon to be decorating my office:

And this bulletin board.  I'm going to paint the frame white and hang it in Gus's room:

And the piece de resistance- a 13 inch wood quilting hoop.  Swoon!

Anyone get some good finds this week?

Shop Stuff

I had this plan awhile back to make and list a whole bunch of stuff all at once to try and fill up the shop with goodies, as well as revamp my shop style.  I had plans for new cards, bookmarks, kids' stuff, fabric goodies, and so on.  But oh, the time!  Between the house stuff (Living room is painted!  Fan is installed!  New outlets and covers!) and the kids and filling existing orders, I am just not cutting it.  So I just started with the cards and will go from there.  What do you think?

Ok, one set of bookmarks.

And a set of magnets.

I made the leap and started to buy some fancier, colored envelopes.  I love them.  They are so bright and make the cards pop.  I have a few more sets in production to finish and list, and then it's on to the next category.  You can find all these in my shop.

It's Just a Minute

There are lots of small things that I hate to do, and in reality, when I think about it, they only take a minute or two.  But I don't even want to waste that minute or two, and for some reason they drive me nuts.  This includes:

1. Brushing my teeth.  Yes, I do it like I'm supposed to (obviously), but I don't enjoy it.  Who wants to stand there swishing back and forth for two minutes?

2. Squeegeeing the shower door.  Now that we have a nice, lovely glass shower door in our brand-new bathroom, we need to wipe it down when we're done.  Blah.

3. Moving the car seat.  It's always when I need to go somewhere NOW that I discover the car seat is not in my car and I don't even want to spend one minute switching it over.

4. Cleaning out the coffee pot.  I don't make coffee too often, so when I do, once the pot is done it will sit on the counter for a few days.  Until I clean it out to make a new pot.  It's a vicious circle.

5. Packing the hubs's lunch.  This isn't just him, though.  When I was teaching, I hated making my lunch for the next day, and all it involved was throwing a yogurt, a spoon, an apple, and a few other snacks in the bag.  His lunch is the same way now.

Am I alone in this, or are there little things that drive you crazy in your day too?

Piece of Cake

For Easter this year, I decided I was going to make a carrot cake.  For some reason I have been under the impression that a carrot cake is a slightly more difficult baking feat, but I found out that it's pretty much like making any other cake.  However, when Paula Deen tells you to butter and flour your pan and line it with parchment paper, you best listen.





Not so bad.

Fortunately with the frosting, no one could tell the difference, and it was really good.  Find her recipe here, but you better follow all the directions to not end up like me.

Thrifty Friday

Our town dump is pretty cool.  There is a shack there where you can bring stuff you don't want anymore and you can take other people's stuff that they leave, all for free.  It's like a mad-dash junk exchange.  I have found some neat-o things there lately, like this little beauty:

It had some little glass jars in it for spices, but those weren't quite my style so I left those behind.  A little dusting and two nails later:

Just what I needed to get the thread up off my sewing table.

On the same day, I got these for the historical fiction-loving hubs:

Ok, so I guess Wicked doesn't fit the theme, but the hubs said, "Cool!" so it's all good.

So from now on, if I tell you I got something at the dump, you can rest assured I am not picking through the garbage bins.

Hilarity Ensues

Ever wonder what your brand new two chime doorbell will sound like before you install it?

Well, there you go.