Thrify Friday

Another round of town dump finds!  I generally like to go in there with something to drop off, but I am seriously starting to go there just to see what's been left behind.

Like this little green glass vase, soon to be decorating my office:

And this bulletin board.  I'm going to paint the frame white and hang it in Gus's room:

And the piece de resistance- a 13 inch wood quilting hoop.  Swoon!

Anyone get some good finds this week?


  1. I never find craft supplies. Lucky you!

  2. LOVE it! the things you find at the dump. G has had some serious scored including a leafer attachement for the lawnmower that would cost 300+ and only needed a new bolt.

    ps- saw a decorating post about grasspaper and thought of you...............

  3. Nice finds and in excellent shape! You are really good at this!

  4. That's a nice vase! The bulletin board looks to be in great shape, too.

    I headed to a thrift store I don't visit that often and I found a new mirror for above our dresser. I need to paint it (hello, 80s flower motif!), but it's big and it was only $14!

  5. AHHH I haven't been thrifting in weeks!! This totally makes me want to go:)

  6. I love that some "transfer stations" aka dumps, let folks "shop" for good stuff! I don't know if mine does, but now I'm going to check! Nice green vase!