Piece of Cake

For Easter this year, I decided I was going to make a carrot cake.  For some reason I have been under the impression that a carrot cake is a slightly more difficult baking feat, but I found out that it's pretty much like making any other cake.  However, when Paula Deen tells you to butter and flour your pan and line it with parchment paper, you best listen.





Not so bad.

Fortunately with the frosting, no one could tell the difference, and it was really good.  Find her recipe here, but you better follow all the directions to not end up like me.


  1. Ha! That happened the first time my Ogre tried to bake a cake - but he didn't disguise it as well as you did. It was still delicious, though. ^.^

  2. Wow! You really pieced it together. It almost looks perfect without the frosting in the last picture. Glad it tasted yummy.


  3. Awh, haha!! I made carrot cake cupcakes for my brothers b-day at the end of march. All was great except that I had baby carrots rather than the big ones to grate- too forever!!!

    1. Too funny! I used baby carrots, too, but I put them through the shredder on the food processor!

  4. oh looks yum....it happens sometimes!...great you could fix it up:)

  5. I bet it tasted just as good. Love carrot cake!

  6. Oh dear... So this was what I saw on Twitter! Speaking as somebody who ruins baked goods every time she tries, I think this turned out pretty well! And if nobody could tell once it was frosted, it will just be our little secret.


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