Thrifty Friday

Our town dump is pretty cool.  There is a shack there where you can bring stuff you don't want anymore and you can take other people's stuff that they leave, all for free.  It's like a mad-dash junk exchange.  I have found some neat-o things there lately, like this little beauty:

It had some little glass jars in it for spices, but those weren't quite my style so I left those behind.  A little dusting and two nails later:

Just what I needed to get the thread up off my sewing table.

On the same day, I got these for the historical fiction-loving hubs:

Ok, so I guess Wicked doesn't fit the theme, but the hubs said, "Cool!" so it's all good.

So from now on, if I tell you I got something at the dump, you can rest assured I am not picking through the garbage bins.


  1. LOL. "Our town dump is pretty cool" is one thing I don't really expect to hear. At first I wondered what the heck you were doing wandering around in garbage, but now it makes sense. Score!

  2. Wow, that is very cool. I don't think our dump has one of those, lol! Great find!

  3. I've heard I can get some decent top soil for free - maybe even compost at mine. Here's to dump diving!

    1. YES! We can bring our leaves up there for free in the fall and they compost them, and then we can get the compost for free. It's wonderful soil- great for plant beds!

  4. haha I totally wouldn't judge you if you were digging through the dumpster:) I haven't gone that far yet but I have been known to grab chairs off the curb before the trash man comes! I love the spice rack shelf for craft stuff! Great idea. I am totally going to do this.

  5. Could do with some of those thread collectors myself! Spend oceans of time, seemingly, looking for the right ones and wheere you've got yours, they are right there - just when needed!

    Dropping by to wish you a really happy and blessed Easter - alas, am unable to post at at the moment, having screwed things up right royally - and now having to rectify matters, bit by bit (and having to rely on calls from outsiders!). Hope to be back posting at full strength soon: meanwhile, have a great break. Isobel

  6. Super creative. I don't know if my little down (aka downtown Chicago) has a "town dump". But if it did, I'd probably be too chicken shit to go anywhere near it. Kudos to you and your awesome dumpster finds!