Basement Bookcase

When we finished our basement and started adding furniture, we (I) thought we needed a bookcase at the bottom of the stairs next to the couch (if you follow that link, where the rocking horse is) to help corral all of Gus's stuff.  My first thought- Ikea (duh)- but hubs has an aversion to all things particleboard, so we never found anything.  Then on Saturday at the dump, a true find:

Dirty and dusty, but all wood!  I didn't even notice the cracked top moudling until I started cleaning it, and hubs didn't notice until it was done and we got it in place.  I wanted to get this done that day, knowing if I didn't it was never going to happen, so I channeled my inner Traci Remley and decided spray paint was the way to go.  After a good thorough cleaning and a light sanding, I was ready to paint.  But alas, one can of spray paint did not cut it, so hubs got out the industrial sprayer we got to spray our new closet doors and went to town.  Not too bad:

And it ended up being the perfect fit, being just about the same height as the couch.

And it's not even full yet!

Let me tell you, I went to the dump once on Friday and twice on Saturday.  The weather was beautiful and people we ridding themselves of some great stuff.  I have lots to share this week!  And I finally managed to clean my sewing table (I can actually see the top of it) so maybe I'll finally have some new stuff to share from there too.

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  1. That came out great! Nice job! :)


  2. Very nice! I would have never even given that bookcase a second look before you redid it. You did a great job!

  3. So beautiful, a perfect addition to your home.

  4. I love it! I wish we had a dump to go to so I could do a little bit of DIYing. It's all IKEA at our house and my hubby is over putting those pieces together! ;)

  5. What a great makeover! That will work perfectly in your bracelet. I look forward to seeing your other new goodies, too.

    1. I meant basement not bracelet! There are certain words I type all the time on Etsy that seems to pop up by accident everywhere now.

  6. I am SO jealous of your dump! (And now I'm laughing because that would sound really weird out of context.) That's a fantastic find!

  7. ooooooooooo pretty find!!! i love this time of year when all the yale kids just throw free stuff on the sidewalk :)

  8. hahaha!!! So glad you were able to channel me. Dumpster diving is my true specialty and spray paint is always the solution to the problem:) I love how it turned out. Great job!