Weekend Plans.

Happy almost-weekend, friends!  Monday is a holiday, and our school system loves to take advantage of Mondays off and give us an extra-long weekend, so today is a teacher in-service day and the kids are home.  PRO: an extra lazy day where we don't have to get up early and make it to the bus on time.  (extra PRO: no lunch prep!)  CON: one less quiet weekday for getting work done.  I not-so-secretly covet my alone time, which makes me feel both awesome for not needing anyone to entertain me and terrible that I wish everyone out of the house because I really do love them.

As usual we have no grand plans, the weather will be on the colder side, and we will most likely be staying in for the duration, with a possible trip to the library for movies.  My husband has been  building his own guitar so most likely he'll put in several hours in the workshop, the kids will want a snack every 30 minutes, and I will try to stay on top of the laundry while trying to squeeze in some work time.  With the exception of two small orders I haven't done any work in my studio since Christmas, and it might be time to try and get some new products churned out.  I love the lax feeling of an open weekend.  What are your plans for the upcoming days off? 

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