I had a busy couple of days designing and making lots of new things for the shop and I'm very excited about them all! In particular, I've developed a line of announcement bookmarks- a creative way to send information to someone and they are reusable, so maybe, just maybe, they won't get thrown away right away (I hope).

Now, I'm not a graphic designer, so I don't have those cool custom designed backgrounds that you see on the beautiful invitations and announcements that other people offer on Etsy. In simple terms, that means don't have a lot in the way of graphics. Still, I think these are classy enough to get the information out, and I like to think that the paper layers provide some visual interest. And they're different! That counts for something, right?

I had a few Save the Date bookmarks listed previously, but honestly, they were kind of crude and I wasn't completely happy with them. It's certainly a learning curve when trying to develop something new. I finally decided to overhaul them when I got the chance to make some college graduation announcements for a very nice woman I connected with through Alchemy on Etsy. She wanted something different than the standard announcement done in her school colors. So I came up with these, although I've changed the name and enough of the information to make them samples. I think they're pretty fun and interesting. We crammed a lot of wording onto that 2 1/4 inch space!

Once I did those, I really wanted to get to work on those Save the Dates. And so I came up with these, customizable to the client's information and color scheme.

Who wouldn't be excited to get one of those in the mail?! I did have some baby announcement bookmarks listed but I need to work on those, too. I think the ones below are super cute; the problem is, people are really excited to show off their new baby, usually with a beautiful photo, and I just don't have the space for that! So those are on the back burner for a while.

Old baby announcements- needs work!

On a similar note, I've got bookmarks listed as table favors: a takeaway treat for party guests! They can be customized for the event in color and wording. I would love to do them for an event where everyone gets their own personalized bookmark with their name on it. How special would that make people feel? Can you tell I'm excited?

There are so many options with these bookmarks. Now I'm hoping to find some people who want to be a little creative!


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