A Crafty Valentine

Here's another find from the student teaching box in the basement. I was going to wait to share until tomorrow, but I figured if anyone wanted to actually make it to use for Valentine's Day, then a little advance notice was in order. This is the easiest-to-make Valentine card holder. The design isn't mine- it's the work of the wonderful teacher I got to work with- but it's too cute not to share.

All you need for this is two pieces of construction paper in Valentine colors (11 x 17 makes a bigger envelope, but 8 1/2 x 11 works too), scissors, and a stapler. Start by folding each paper in half and rounding off one corner (on the non-fold side) with scissors.
Open one of the sheets of paper and lay it flat, placing the other one inside (fold-side facing the bottom).

Fold the remaining side over so it resembles a heart.

Staple the open edge all the way down to secure it closed.

You can add a handle by cutting one long strip of construction paper. If you have access to lamination, that helps it last, but it's not necessary. Staple each end of the handle inside the top of the heart.

And there you go! One Valentine card holder ready to decorate! You can also write a name on the handle so everyone knows who's who.

If you use the smaller paper, this is how it sizes up- pretty cute!

Decorate your envelope with multi-colored and multi-layered hearts. The easiest way to make a heart is to take a square piece of paper, fold it in half, make a half-heart shape with the fold to the inside, and then unfold!

Glue the hearts down to keep them in place. Use lots of colors and different sizes!

So there you have it! It's a fun and easy project that doesn't require too many materials. The kids (and adults!) will have fun making them, and you can save them and use them year after year if you like. Happy Valentine's Day!

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