A Nice Surprise

I'm sure you can tell how excited I am about the rainbow lettering note cards and bookmarks that I was talking about yesterday. So how nice it was to wake up today, check out what's going on in the shop, and find out that slovintage put my rainbow thank you cards (the accidental thank you's!) in an Etsy treasury!

If you've never seen or made a treasury on Etsy, then let me explain. A treasury is a selection of 16 items from sellers other than yourself that you put together in a collection, usually with some sort of theme. It's a great way to highlight the great items people are offering. My thank you's are part of a collection of white items. You can see it here.

I've made several treasuries so far- they really are a lot of fun. You can go here and click through them if you feel like browsing, and there are thousands of others as well. It's quite an honor to be selected from the hundreds of thousands of items available. So be included, all I have to say is:


  1. I saw these in your shop the other day, they are great!

    Also I just read the preceding post about how you came up with the design, way cool! :)

  2. This thank you card is so pretty! I love it, what a simple and great idea!

  3. Thank you both so much! They just make me feel bright and cheery!