Follow Up!

I was thinking about the post I wrote yesterday about the impact of social media, and I would like to clarify what I was saying.  I don't think social media is a bad thing.  My husband and I basically formed our early relationship over the earliest social media, the instant message.  We were long distance at college and it was a cheap and easy way to get to talk to each other for a long time and as often as we wanted.  I think it's great to make contacts and to get re-aquainted with people you haven't talked to in forever.  I was just saying that the amount of time I was spending online with all of these things was detracting from what I really should otherwise be doing, and that I don't think that's a great thing.  With anything in life it's about personal responsibility.  Social media is not to blame for what it is; we as people living busy lives need to use it as best for each of us.  I just didn't want to continue to be so plugged in when I should be playing with trucks and blocks.

Coincidentally, yesterday I also happened to read this great article in Hartford magazine that was talking about manners and the growing lack thereof in society.  Though it didn't hit on any specific social media site, it did mention that people out to dinner are all on their cell phones, talking or texting.  People in movie theaters are on their phones, people are texting in the car, and so on.  Common courtesy is disappearing into a self-involved society constantly checking for updates. 

Personally, I don't feel like I run into this behavior too much (there is the occasional family in the restaurant that lets their kids scream and run wild), but I understand what the author is saying.  There is a general disregard for other people's needs and feelings.  If you get a minute today, it's a good read.  And on this Earth Day, it doesn't hurt to think about respecting the other people on the planet as well as the planet itself.  Happy Friday!

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  1. Totally with you again. My husband used to be on his phone ALL THE TIME. We'd be out to dinner and he'd want to check the score of a game. Or he'd want to Tweet what he was eating. It annoyed the crap out of me. He's much better now, but when he first got his fancy phone it was pretty bad.

  2. I have to admit that I am connected at the hip to my smart phone. That being said, I am totally aware of how obnoxious it can be to other people. I never use it in a theater, restaurant, while driving, at work etc. People definitely need to figure out what the boundaries are with this great invention we have~!


  3. Good point! I am with you and Paige, my hubby took out his phone once on a dinner date and I flipped. He knows better now!