Too Cute

I am not a big fan of spending a lot of money on kids' clothes.  They grow out of them too fast, and because they get easily dirty I'd rather have a lot of cheaper shirts and pants rather than a few expensive pieces. That doesn't mean you have to have something that's cheap quality, though, you just have to be able to find a good deal.  I love Old Navy.  They have great clothes, good sales, and offer a lot of coupons.  If you hit the clearance rack at the right time, you can come out of there with a boatload of nice clothes, like the $1 bathing suit I snagged in November for this coming summer.

Shoes are the worst.  You want to have a couple of pairs, expecially now that the toddler is running around and wants to play in the dirt outside, but those tiny little shoes can be expensive!  We've been lucky to get some hand-me-down pairs of boots from a neighbor, which is nice because those are such an occasional item.  I've always said we're not going to buy those expensive, trendy shoes because they just aren't worth it.  Until....

They're too cute!  And the toddler loves them- he doesn't want to take them off.  I'm guessing they must be pretty comfortable inside.  The best part?  They were on sale at Kohl's, I was lucky enough to have a 30% off coupon this time, and his grandma had a $10 off coupon, which all combined made them cheaper than a pair of shoes at Wal-Mart.  And they are about a size big, so he'll be able to wear them for awhile.  How could you pass that up?!


  1. You should be on Extreme Couponing! haha. They actually looks super comfy, I'm slightly jealous :)


  2. My guilty pleasure in children's apparel is shoes. I keep myself in check with their clothes (... mostly...) but shoes, o my god the shoes. I go to TJMaxx or Marshalls for the guilty pleasure of name brand kid's shoes. I love when they look like miniature adult shoes. Nice find!

  3. awesome find! I love shopping with coupons. I also love buying clothes for my baby! Kids stuff is so much cuter than adults. :)

    My baby doesn't quite fit into any shoes yet, but I already have several pairs for her to wear when she does!

  4. I pretty much won't buy anything without a coupon anymore, because I know that with most of the places I like to shop, I'm going to get one. Or, I'll do what Melissa does and hit up TJMaxx or Marshalls because they have great deals. I also had my eye on some neon green and black Adidas. Maybe next time!